Google has a handful of hidden features one can mess around with, like Google Gravity. In this case, the various menus, logos, and text can be manipulated and tossed around, reacting in a way reminiscent of gravity itself. All it takes is the enabling of JavaScript and your favorite web browser.

Enabling JavaScript

Before you can play around with Google Gravity, you first have to have a web browser with JavaScript. But, more importantly, JavaScript also has to be enabled. Most popular web browsers have JavaScript as part of their kit, but JavaScript is, generally, disabled until you activate it.

Enabling JavaScript with Mozilla Firefox

There’s no steps involved. Javascript is already enabled by default. The option to disable JavaScript was actually removed in a previous update, in an effort to keep users from damaging their web browser. You can still disable it by adding an add-on to your Firefox browser.

Enabling JavaScript with Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome. Then, click More. It’s the three dots located in the top right corner of the web browser. This will open a drop down menu.

2. Next, click Settings. You can find it at the bottom of the drop down menu. In Settings, click Advanced at the very bottom of the page. It will expand into additional options.

3. Head down to the section Privacy and Security. Under it, click Site Settings.

4. Among your permissions, find JavaScript and click it. Move the slider to the right (it will turn blue) to enable JavaScript. It will say “Allowed.”

Enabling JavaScript with Microsoft Edge

JavaScript is enabled, by default, on Microsoft Edge since many Microsoft programs require it to interact with Microsoft Edge.

Enabling JavaScript with Safari

1. Open Safari. Then, at the top, click Safari on your menu bar in the top left corner of the screen. Doing so will open a drop down menu.

2. In the drop down menu, click Preferences. When the window appears, click the Security tab.

3. In Security, add a checkmark in the box next to Enable JavaScript, if there isn’t one already.

How to Find Google Gravity

Now that JavaScript has been enabled, you are free to play around with Google Gravity, but first, you need to head over to its webpage. That’s easy enough:

1. Launch your preferred web browser and head on over to Google’s homepage.

type “google gravity”

2. In the Google Search bar, type “google gravity” and click I’m Feeling Lucky, which will take you straight to Google Gravity.

3. Before you can play with Google Gravity, you’ll have to wait for it to load. Depending on the strength of your network connection, the wait time can vary.

different menu functions fall straight to the bottom of the page

4. You’ll know that page is ready for your shenanigans when the entire Google page and its different menu functions fall straight to the bottom of the page, as if they were affected by gravity, hence, the name “Google Gravity.”

use your mouse to click and drag the various blocks of menu functions

5. To play with it, use your mouse to click and drag the various blocks of menu functions as well as the Google logo and even the search bar. The different “blocks” react in a way that resembles the functions of gravity.

Bottom Line

This is only one of Google’s many hidden easter eggs. A simple Google search can net you some pretty neat mini-games, like Google Gravity, that can serve as a great way to waste your time.