Disliking videos on TikTok doesn’t work in the way you think it would, not like, say, YouTube. Unlike YouTube, TikTok doesn’t have a like to dislike ratio that you can view, nor is the user aware of it happening. Instead, disliking a video alters the specific algorithm that TikTok associates with you.

When you watch a video on TikTok, that content gets thrown into a profile of sorts. It keeps track of what you view so that TikTok is better at suggesting the right content to you. And it gets a big boost if you like videos. Then TikTok really knows what to show you. But of course, if you dislike a video, the exact opposite happens: TikTok disregards that content and suggests it less often or not at all.

How To Dislike Videos on TikTok

As it stands, disliking videos on TikTok is a great way to mold the kind of content you want to see. It’s especially helpful in the beginning when the algorithm has no idea what kind of content you like until you start thumbing through videos.

Here’s what you do:

1. Start by opening TikTok if you haven’t already. Its app icon resembles a musical note.

2. Now, search for a video—anything at all. Go out of your way to find a video TikTok suggests that you don’t particularly like.

3. See the icons on the right-hand side? From top to bottom it goes: Profile, Like, Comment, Share. Tap on the Share button, the arrow icon.

4. When share options open, you’ll see additional options beyond sharing such as saving the video, creating a duet, reacting, but more importantly, a dislike button. To dislike a video, tap Not Interested. Its icon is a broken heart.

Now TikTok will take that information and change its algorithm to better suit your interests. It’s a slow process so you may have to dislike the same kind of content until the algorithm gets the message, but well worth it.

Bottom Like

As you can see, disliking videos on TikTok takes on a much different role than a physical representation of who likes the content and who doesn’t—not like YouTube. Instead, it’s better suited to altering the kind of content suggested by the platform itself. Don’t want to see duets? Dislike them every time the platform suggests them. Don’t like lip-syncing? Dislike them until TikTok gets the hint that you aren’t interested, hence, the name of the button.