The camera on your Macbook or iMac can be very useful when you’re trying to video call a friend, relative or partner. You will need the camera for make FaceTime video calls, Skype calls, and also for other things such as Photo Booth. There are several applications that require the camera on the Mac.

Of course, some people also worry that hackers can take over your laptop and then manage to enable the camera on your Mac and spy on you. It is possible, and you will not know as the hackers can disable the yellow light next to the webcam. This is why you may want to know how to disable your Macbooks camera.

Apple calls the front camera on the Macbook as the iSight camera. If you’re worried about someone hacking the camera and spying on you, then you may want to disable the camera on your Macbook or iMac. There are a few ways of doing it, which we will tell you below. Let’s get started!

Stick a Tape Over it

This is the easiest thing to do if you’re worried about someone accessing the camera on your Macbook. Instead of fiddling around with Settings trying to disable it, you can just stick some tape over it. Get a piece of black tap and stick on top of the camera. Now, even if someone gains access to the camera on your Macbook, they will not be able to see anything. However, this could leave some sticky residue over the camera, which not many would like. So, if you don’t want to stick a tap over the camera, then look at the other method below.

iSight Disabler

You can use a third-party app to disable the hardware on your Mac. This will disable your Macbooks camera and will not let anyone access it unless you enable it again. The tool is known as iSight Disabler and it is a simple Apple script that works as advertised. The script is available for download on Github and it’s quite small in size. Follow this link to download iSight Disabler. According to several users, the script doesn’t work properly on new versions of macOS, but do not worry, we have tested it and it works fine. Follow the steps below to make it disable your Macbooks camera;

1. Download iSight Disabler 5.0 from the link provided above.

2. Double click on the isight-disabler.scpt file.

3. The script will open in the Script Editor.

Enable iSight

4. Play the Script and a dialogue box will open asking if you want to Enable iSight or Disable iSight.

5. If you want to disable the iSight camera, then click on Disable iSight.

6. The script might throw an error saying that the operation did not complete. Don’t worry.

7. Open an application that uses the camera to see if it worked.

The script should’ve worked and your iSight camera will now be disabled. If you open FaceTime, you will be told that there is no camera available. When you want to use the iSight camera to make video calls, just run the script once again and click on Enable iSight. When disabling or enabling iSight, you will be asked to enter the Password for your Mac.

Disable Access to Camera

Disable Access to Camera

Although Apple hasn’t included an easy way to disable your Macbooks camera, you can stop it from being used on certain apps. To do so, click on the Apple icon in the top menu bar, and follow these steps;

1. Click on System Preferences.

2. Select Privacy and Security.

3. Now select the Privacy tab.

4. Here, click on the Camera app in the left panel.

5. Deselect the apps that have access to the Camera.

That’s it. These apps will no longer be able to use the camera app. However, this is only to revoke access from Apps that are on your Macbook. If someone tries to hack your computer to gain access to the iSight camera, then you can’t really do anything with this method.

If you really want to disable your Macbooks camera, then the iSight Disabler is probably the best choice you have. If you don’t want a tool to alter system settings, then the safest bet is to stick a tape over the camera.