The keyboard backlight feature on your Mac is without a doubt, one of the best features on your system, allowing you to work in the dark, or in other areas with low lightning. While it’s recommended to only use your computer in well-lit areas, sometimes situations arrive where you have no choice but to work in the dark.

Luckily, the backlit keyboard option makes this very easy, and you can work just as fast, if not faster, than you would in a well-lit setting. While this feature is extremely helpful, it does drain a bit of extra battery. Furthermore, it may be troublesome if the feature tends to automatically activate when you turn on your Mac. This may happen even when you’re in an area where the lighting isn’t too bad.

There’s no reason to worry, as you can easily disable this feature, and adjust your settings so that it doesn’t automatically turn on. In order to get started and learn more about how you can disable the keyboards lights on your Mac, follow the instructions below.

Quickly Turn Off Backlight on Keyboard

If you don’t want to adjust the settings for your backlit keyboard, and instead simply want to learn how to lower or raise the light, then follow the instructions below. You can use this method to turn off the backlight on your keyboard, in a matter of seconds.

1. Press fn + F5, or just F5 in order to lower the backlight on your keyboard. Repeatedly press the key(s) in order to completely turn off the backlight. Note: If you have a newer Mac model, with the Touch Bar, then find the backlight button on the Touch Bar ( and press it repeatedly.

2. If you wish to restore the backlight, or raise the light, then press fn + F6, or just F6. Note: If you have a newer Mac model, with the Touch Bar, then find the backlight button on the Touch Bar ( ) and press it repeatedly.

That’s all you have to do. With the press of a button, you can raise, lower, or completely turn off the backlight on your keyboard. However, this doesn’t adjust the auto settings that may be enabled on your system. If you wish to adjust the settings on your Mac, to turn off the backlight after inactivity, or if you wish to turn off auto reactivation, then read the section below.

Disable Auto Settings for Keyboard Backlight

This method only takes a matter of moments. In order to turn off your keyboard backlight after a specific time of inactivity, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen.

Click on System Preferences

2. Click on System Preferences.

Click on Keyboard

3. Click on Keyboard.

Turn keyboard backlight off after __ of inactivity

4. There will be a checkbox labeled Turn keyboard backlight off after __ of inactivity. Enable this option and in the blank, feel free to enter the time of inactivity, that best suits your needs.

If you wish to take this one step further and prefer your system doesn’t automatically enable the keyboard lights on your Mac, then continue following the instructions below.

5. You’ll notice another checkbox labeled Adjust keyboard brightness in low light. Click on this checkbox in order to disable this option. The check should disappear, when the option is disabled.

You’ve now made sure that your keyboard backlight won’t turn on by itself, even if you’re in an area with low lighting. Not to worry, you haven’t completely disabled keyboard backlights. You can turn the lights back on by using the F5 and F6 keystroke method that was described earlier in this article.