One of the best ways to connect with your friends over video games, as well as meeting new friends, Discord is your go-to place. However, it isn’t the only choice available and just because it’s one of the most popular, doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you feel the need to delete your Discord account, whether you like it or not, then you are more than welcome to at any time. Look below to find out how.

How to Delete Your Discord Account

1. Launch Discord from your desktop or from wherever you’ve placed its shortcut. After it starts up, log in with your Discord account if you aren’t already signed in.

User Settings

2. Open your User Settings by locating the gear icon found in the lower left corner of Discord’s interface. If you can find your name, you can find your User Settings.

3. Now, from the User Settings, click on My Account located in the left hand column at the very top of the menu. From there, you’ll see your username as well as your email. But, more importantly, the option to edit it by clicking the Edit button. Doing so will reveal hidden fields.

Delete Account

4. To delete your account forever, then you click Delete Account in the lower left corner of the edit box.

5. Provide your password, and your two-factor authentication code provided you have one set up, and then click Delete.

6. If you want to disable your account instead–thereby keeping your account and information–click Disable Account instead.


Some of you may not have made it past Step 4 because Discord threw you this message “YOU OWN SERVERS! In order to delete your account you must first transfer ownership of all servers that you own.” If that’s the case, you are the creator and hold of a server or servers and before you can delete your account, you have to give someone else ownership of said servers or delete them.

Giving Ownership of a Discord Server

Server Settings

1. Visit the server you want to transfer ownership of. In the top left corner of the interface, you’ll see the name of your server, as well as a small triangle. Click it to open a drop down menu and choose Server Settings.

2. In the left hand column of your Server Settings, choose Members, located near the bottom of the column.

Transfer Ownership

3. Find a member you want transfer ownership over to and hover over their name, then click the three vertical dots located to the right of their name. Click Transfer Ownership from the drop down menu.

Deleting a Discord Server

1. To delete your server, open your Server Settings. You can find it by visiting the server you own and clicking the small arrow to the right of the server name in the top left corner of the interface. Click Server Settings.

Delete Server

2. In the left hand column, head all the way down to the very bottom and click Delete Server.

Delete Server

3. To delete the server, type in the server’s name and click Delete Server.

Deleting Your Discord Account via App

1. Locate and open the Discord app.

2. Open your User Settings by first tapping the “hamburger” menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then, after a panel opens from the left hand side, tap User Settings located in the bottom right corner of the screen, representing by a gear icon.

3. In your User Settings menu, make your way down to My Account, just below the section “USER SETTINGS.”

4. From the My Account page, scroll down to the very bottom to select Delete Account.

5. Punch in your password and tap DELETE.

On the other hand, if you want to hang onto your Discord account–perhaps you want to take a break from it for awhile–you can choose “Disable Account” instead. Your account information will be kept, along with its data and you can always come back to it another time. Deleting your account, however, will delete everything.