How to Delete WhatsApp Messages From Both Sides

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages From Both Sides

What happens when you end up sending a message to the wrong person or if you end up sending a message that was a bit too risky and now you regret sending it? Is it possible for the message to be deleted from both sides of the conversation?

The next few steps will show you what to do in the case that the unwanted message you sent wants to be deleted or at least failed to be seen by the other person.

Can You Delete WhatsApp Messages From Both Sides?

Yes, you can delete messages from Both sides on WhatsApp As long as it’s being deleted within 7 minutes of you sending the message. Trying to delete it after 7 minutes won’t be possible and you’ll only be able to delete it for yourself.

7-Minute Time Limit For Deleting Message For Everyone

First of all, there is a time limitation for how long you can actually delete a message from a chat. This means that if you send a message and you realize that you never meant to send it and want to delete it, you will have a small time of seven minutes to delete the message.

So act fast because Whatsapp only gives this small time limit to delete messages for everyone in the chat where the message was sent.

So once those seven minutes are up, that means that the option that you had before to delete the message for everyone will be gone and you will only be able to delete the message for yourself.

As frustrating as this may be for a lot of users who may think that the time frame is too small for deleting a message for everyone, it also does make a lot of sense if you think about it.

Whatsapp understands that users of the app are rarely away from their phone too long and most of the time, once a notification is received, the phone user will check right away to see where it is coming from.

So how do these seven minutes help? It helps because this small time frame will help the user that wants to delete the message act fast and get the message deleted before the other person even has a chance to open and read the message.

Now that you have gone ahead and deleted the message, you should also note that if a message is deleted from a conversation, the other user will be able to see in the chat that a message has been deleted.

They will not be able to see what the message said but they will suspect that there was most likely a reason for it being deleted and could bring it up later on.

But what would happen in the scenario that you missed the seven-minute mark to delete the message for everyone and you impatiently waited for the two blue checkmarks to appear next to that unwanted message? Here are some options for you to resolve any sent unwanted messages on Whatsapp.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages From Both Sides

It is important to note that Whatsapp does have the option for you to delete the message you sent to everyone that was in that loop. But this function does have its limitations.

1. Let’s start off with how you can actually go ahead and delete the messages for everyone that did receive them. Here are the steps that you need to follow once you realize that you have sent an unwanted message.

2. Go ahead and start off by going to the conversation from which you want to delete a message. This can be an individual conversation with someone else or even a conversation that is found within a group chat on Whatsapp.

3. From here you will want to go ahead and find the message within the conversation that you want to delete for everyone in the chat.

4. Once you have found the message you want to delete in the chat, tap and hold the message. After a while of tapping and holding the message, you will notice that a little trash icon will go ahead and appear on the bottom left corner of the Whatsapp chat.

5. Go ahead and click this small trash icon. When you do end up clicking the trash icon, a pop-up menu with several options will appear.

6. The menu will have options to go ahead and Delete for Everyone or the second option of Delete for Me. Obviously, in this desperate case, you will want to go ahead and choose the option that allows you to delete everyone in the chat that has received the message.

That is all you need to do in this case for you to delete the message for everyone in the chat to which the message was sent. However, you will notice that there are some small inconveniences that come with deleting the message from a chat.

1. Ask Them to Delete the Message As Well If They’ve Already Seen It

If the person already received the message that you so desperately did not want them to see and they also went ahead and read the message, there are always options as to what you can do to make the potential embarrassment far less than it originally was.

First of all, you can start off by asking the person who received the message to go ahead and delete the message if they have already seen it.

Of course, we know that you can delete your own messages so if the person on the other side does not think much about the message then there might be a good chance that they will be willing to go ahead and delete the message to make sure that the message is not easily found by anyone else who hands it could get into.

What would this mean? This would simply mean that the user that received the unwanted message simply has to go to their own conversation tab, tap and hold on to the chat and wait until that highly desired trash icon appears on their screen.

Once this trash icon appears, they will have the option to go ahead and delete the message for themselves.

Once they go ahead and proceed with deleting the message, that unwanted message will be out of sight and out of mind for both you and the person who originally received it in the first place.

2. Send Loads of Messages to Distract Them

If you are not willing to reach out to the person to whom you sent an unwanted message but you already missed the seven-minute mark that Whatsapp allows for you to delete a message for everyone in the chat, then you might want to use a different tactic to make sure they do not see the message or at least have something else that will distract them.

By distracting them from the message that would cause embarrassment, it is a solid plan to send loads of other messages in order to distract them from the other message that you do not want them to pay attention to.

This creates more messages to be seen and the attention to be divided among all the other messages and not just one very embarrassing message.

3. Delete The Conversation Thread

Another way to delete the message and perhaps even go another step further than just getting rid of one message is to go ahead and try to delete the entire conversation thread.

This way, there won’t be any traces left of what was that one embarrassing message since you will not even have access anymore to the conversation once it is completely deleted from your chat feed.

In order to delete the entire conversation from your chat feed, just follow a quick and simple process and it will be gone before you know it.

1. Once the app is open, you will be on the home page of the app where you will be able to see all of the chats that you have in your chat conversation history.

2. Go ahead and find the conversation in which you sent the message that you want to completely get rid of.

3. Once you find the conversation, you will want to tap and hold the individual chat that you want to delete from your feed.

This is a very similar process as to the one that was followed when deleting an individual message.

Once you are tapping and holding the conversation, a menu will also pop up and you will have various options on what to do next with the chat. Go ahead and choose the option to delete the chat.

This will completely delete the chat and also delete any messages that you had within the conversation.

4. Tell Them To Delete The Conversation Thread As Well

As it was mentioned with deleting messages, when you delete a message or a conversation on your end, this only has an impact on your side of the story.

This means that you will only be deleting the conversation and its messages for yourself and the other person that was in the chat will still be able to the conversation.

If you want to take this a step further to make sure the conversation is completely deleted and never to be found again, ask the other person that was in the conversation to go ahead and delete the conversation thread on their end.

To do this, they will simply have to open their Whatsapp app on their phone, find the conversation that they also want to delete, and from there proceed with the Tap and Hold method.

The option to delete will pop up and once they proceed with deleting, the conversation between both of you will be gone forever.

5. Say Someone Hacked Your WhatsApp and Sent The Message

Sometimes the truth might not be the best solution in the case of sending a message that was never meant to be sent or read.

So twisting the truth a bit could be another option that you may want to consider if you really do not want to embarrass yourself with what you have sent.

An option that you may want to consider is telling the person you sent the wrong message to that your phone or more specifically, your Whatsapp, was hacked.

Hacking happens all the time and is pretty common so it would not be out of reach to tell them that this had also happened to you. But if the message was a bit too specific for even a hacker to hack into and send, an explanation may need to be made.

6. Say Someone Was On Your Phone

Another option that may not be as out of reach as going to the extent of saying your phone was hacked is telling the person that someone else was on your phone and sending over that embarrassing message without you even knowing.

Maybe it was another one of your friends or realistically could have been a little kid that always sends the wrong things so that was just one of those cases. If you have younger siblings or babies in the house, this might be a great option to consider.

7. Simply Say You Didn’t Mean What You Said

Lastly, sometimes the best thing that you can do is simply tell the other person the truth as it always ends up coming out in the end.

Simply tell them that you did not mean what you said especially if the message was meant to be sent to someone else in confidentiality and was not meant to reach the hands of who it was about. It might take some guts but you will feel a lot better once you get that off of your chest.

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