How to Delete Twitter Messages From Both Sides


If you’ve sent someone a message on Twitter that you regret, your first thought might be to delete it from both sides. Many Twitter users like yourself aren’t sure if Twitter has this feature, and you may be panicking right now because you’ve just sent a message to someone that you regret.

Can You Delete Twitter Messages from Both Sides?

If you have sent a message to someone on Twitter, there’s no way that you can delete the message from both sides. This used to be an option for Twitter users, but Twitter no longer has the option where you can delete a message from both sides, but there are still ways around it.

Be aware that there is no way to determine whether or not someone has seen the message before we cover the various methods of deleting Twitter messages from both ends of the communication chain. Some people turn their Twitter notifications off, so there’s a chance they may not have seen your message, but even then, because unsending it from both sides isn’t straightforward, they’ll see it when they open the app anyway.

On the other hand, if they have their notifications on, they can view the message directly from their notification bar. Of course, there’s a chance that they do not have this feature enabled.

Does Deactivating Twitter Delete DMs?

Deactivating your Twitter account doesn’t delete DMs. When you deactivate your Twitter account, Twitter¬†will place your profile in a queue for permanent deletion once you have chosen to deactivate your account. But if you return within 30 days after the deletion, your account will not be deleted.

Once your profile is deleted, then your messages will delete from both sides. So, deactivating your Twitter does delete DMs from both sides, but you’ll need to wait for Twitter to delete your account because your messages delete from both sides.

How to Delete Twitter Messages from Both Sides

The option to delete Twitter messages from both sides was possible, but now it’s only possible to delete it yourself.

To erase Twitter messages for yourself, you must click on the “Delete message for you” button. From here, the message in your Twitter direct messages will be deleted, but it’ll remain in the recipient’s inbox.

  1. To delete the message, open Twitter and log into your account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the area under “Direct Messages.”
  3. Keep the message on hold for one second.
  4. To delete the message, select Delete message for you from the menu bar.

1. Ask Them to Delete the Message As Well If They’ve Already Seen It

If the recipient doesn’t have read receipts, you will not know if they have read your message or not. If they have their read receipts on and you can tell that they have read the message, you can ask them to delete the message on their end.

2. Send Loads of Messages

Twitter allows you to send up to one thousand messages a day. You can always send more messages if you send a message that you don’t want the recipient to see.

By spamming the recipient with messages, you take attention away from the message you want to be deleted from both sides. The likelihood of the recipient going through all the messages you send is unlikely, so sending loads of messages is the next best option.

3. Deactivate Your Twitter Account

Deactivating your account allows you to delete messages from both sides once your account has eventually been deleted. Deactivating your account doesn’t do anything for your messages, so you’ll need to wait for Twitter to delete it permanently.

If your account is deactivated for 30 days, it will no longer be available to others during this period. However, they will still be able to view messages you’ve had with them. If you want to delete your messages from both sides, you must first deactivate your account and wait for 30 days.

Your account will be deactivated instantly; however, it won’t delete until 30 days after the account has been deactivated. To deactivate your Twitter account:

  1. On the drop-down menu, choose “settings and privacy,” which appears when selecting your profile symbol in the right-hand corner.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the “Account” tab and select “Deactivate Your Account.”
  3. To confirm your deactivation request, enter your password and click the “Deactivate Account” button to the right of your screen.

After 30 days, once your account has been deleted, they will not be able to see your message history between them, so messages will be deleted from both sides. Once you’ve deleted your Twitter account, it’ll be gone forever, and there will be no way to get your account back.

4. Delete Your Twitter Account

It is necessary to distinguish between deleted and deactivated accounts to avoid confusion. They’re similar in some way. With a deleted account, all tweets and any references to the account will be deleted from Twitter within the first few days of the account being deactivated.

Users that follow the account or search for it will not be able to find it on the platform, nor will they be able to read previous messages they’ve had with you.

A deactivated account can be revived, which will restore all of the previous tweets, but only if the account is reactivated within 30 days. The only way to permanently erase an account is to deactivate it for 30 days. When a Twitter account is deactivated, all messages sent to someone will be deleted too.

Since there’s no option to delete Twitter messages from both sides, you can just delete your Twitter account, and the person to who you regret sending the message will not be able to see your messages anymore.

To delete your Twitter account:

  1. Choose More from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your Twitter profile.
  2. Select Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu that opens.
  3. Select Deactivate from the Your Account drop-down menu.
  4. Twitter informs you that your tweets will only be kept for thirty days. That is when your account and all of the posts you have made on your account are completely and irreversibly deleted from the Twitter servers. Select Deactivate if you want to proceed with the process.
  5. Select Deactivate after you have confirmed your password.
  6. Leave your account deactivated for 30 days for it to be deleted.

5. Delete The Conversation Thread

If you don’t want anyone on your own phone to see the message you sent, you can delete the conversation thread from your Twitter account. This means that anyone viewing your account from your own phone won’t be able to see the message that you wanted to delete from both sides.

To erase an entire chat from your inbox, swipe left on the conversation and hit the Trash can symbol on the far right of the screen. You can quickly delete a whole discussion by pressing the information symbol and choosing Remove conversation from the Conversation info tab.

6. Tell Them To Delete The Conversation Thread As Well

Since you can’t delete a message from both sides, you can always ask the person to delete the conversation from their end. This way, you are assured that there are no messages on both sides since you would have also deleted the thread.

Unfortunately, you can not delete a message from both ends, which is why you’ll have to rely on the other person to delete the message from their end. To delete the conversation, tell them to:

  1. Open their Twitter account.
  2. Access their direct messages by tapping on the envelop icon
  3. Once they can see all the messages in their inbox, they should hold down the conversation with you, and the option to delete the message thread will appear

7. Say Someone Hacked Your Account and Sent The Message

As a Twitter user, you are not safe from people trying to hack your account, and this is an excuse that can come in handy. If you sent a message you regret, you could always tell the recipient that your account got hacked.

When someone hacks your Twitter account, they can post or delete posts and even send messages to people. Tell the recipient that someone hacked your account and sent messages to disassociate yourself from a message you should not have sent.

The Takeaway

If you send a message that you end up regretting and realize that it’s not possible to delete the message from both sides, there’s not much you can do about it.

Having to resort to methods like deleting your Twitter account or deactivating it to unsend the message from both sides is annoying. Still, unfortunately, there’s no other way to go about it.

If you send a message you regret and want to delete it from both sides, apologize to the person you sent it to and say you’ll never do it again.

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