One of WhatsApp’s best features—if you take advantage of it—is the ability to automatically save photos and videos you receive from friends, family, and coworkers. As great as that can be, especially if you’re searching for a specific photo or video, it can be hell on your storage space.

Your handheld device already has a very limited amount of space compared to laptops and desktops, both of which can hold TBs of data. Better for storage computers are; smartphones and tablets, not so much until you upgrade. Unfortunately, upgrading your storage space can get pretty pricey for the upper echelon of storage capacities. So, naturally, spring cleaning is in order to retrieve some of that used space.

The question is: how do you delete photos and videos on WhatsApp? It’s slightly different between Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at how.

How to Delete Photos and Videos on WhatsApp for Android

Not only can WhatsApp automatically download photos and videos, it does so to a very convenient location; your Gallery application. In fact, this opens up two ways of deleting photos on WhatsApp.

Deleting Photos in WhatsApp

1. To get started, open WhatsApp. It’s icon is the white phone within a green speech bubble.

2. Tap on the Chats tab at the top of your screen. Follow up by opening a conversation.

3. Locate a photo you want to delete. When found, press and hold your finger against the picture. This will select it and reveal additional options along the top of the screen.

4. To delete more than one photo, you can simply tap on additional pictures.


5. Select Delete. It’s the trash can icon at the top. When prompted to confirm the deletion, choose Delete For Me.

Deleting Photos in Gallery App

1. Open the Gallery app—the icon looks like green mountains with the sun. It’s usually found in your App Drawer.

2. Now, when a photo or video is downloaded, even automatically, WhatsApp places it into a named folder. Look for the WhatsApp folder and tap on it to view its contents.

3. To delete a photo, press and hold your finger on an image you want to delete. This will select it, as well as reveal additional options at the top.

4. To delete more than one, after you’ve selected the first one, simply tap on additional photos.

5. Now select Delete—the trash can icon located at the bottom or the top of your screen. When prompted to confirm, tap OK.

How to Delete Photos and Videos on WhatsApp for iOS

WhatsApp’s feature that auto-downloads photos and videos? Unfortunately, that isn’t available on iOS. Rather than save automatically, you have to manually save them. This means you can’t delete your images from the Photos app like you can with Android’s Gallery app.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start by opening WhatsApp on your iOS, if it isn’t already.

2. Tap on the Chats tab in the bottom right of the screen.

3. Select a conversation, preferably one that contains images you wish to delete.

4. To delete a photo on WhatsApp, press and hold your finger on the image. This will only select a single image. A menu will open. Choose More, then Delete.

5. To select additional images for deletion, simply tap on other ones. You’ll know which pictures are getting deleted by the checkmark indicator to the left of the photos.

6. To delete all select images, tap Delete—the trash can icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Delete For Me

7. In doing so, a menu will open at the bottom. Tap Delete for Me.

You might realize that this can get tedious pretty fast. Thankfully, WhatsApp has another option. The steps above are best used when deleting recent photos. If you want to delete, say, something older, you can do that, too.

8. While in an open conversation, tap on the contact’s name.

Media, Links, and Docs

9. Near the top of their Contact Info page, choose Media, Links, and Docs.

10. In the top right corner, tap Select. Now tap on every single photo and or video you want to delete. Select Delete—the trash can icon in the bottom right corner—to delete them for good.

Bottom Line

Now that photos are deleted on WhatsApp, you’ve effectively saved your storage from packing on too many pounds in the form of photos and videos. It should be noted that the photos aren’t gone forever. Instead, they are only deleted from your storage, your end. This means that, down the line, if you need a particular photo again you can always boot up WhatsApp, and download it again.