Deleting messages in your Kik app is a great way to clear your old conversations out. People come and go and those conversations don’t have to stick around. However, if you were hoping that deleting said messages would stop someone from seeing it, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Here’s the rub: deleting a message will delete it from your end, not theirs. Once you send a message that it’s and you can’t take it back. In other words, make doubly sure that what you’re saying is what you want to say to the right person.

With that being said, deleting your Kik messages is a very easy process.

How to Delete a Single Kik Message

1. Locate and open Kik.

2. Log into Kik with your Kik account credentials if you aren’t already logged in. Once you’re redirected to your messages, choose a conversation you want to delete a message from.

3. Locate a message you want to delete within the conversation. Now, press and hold your finger against the message in the conversation. After a few moments of holding your finger there, your screen will fade a bit and a menu will appear.

choose Delete

4. In the menu that followed, choose Delete. When asked to confirm the deletion, tap DELETE. Your message will disappear shortly after.

How to Delete a Single Kik Conversation

1. Find and open Kik.

2. If you aren’t already logged into Kik, log in with your Kik account. After you get redirected to your conversations, find one that you want to delete, but do not open the conversation.

3. Take your finger and press it against the conversation and hold it there. Keeping pressing your finger against the screen until a menu appears.

confirmation to delete the conversation.

4. Before you do anything, it should be noted that you will not get a confirmation to delete the conversation. Once you choose to delete the conversation, it will immediately trash itself. If that’s what you want, choose Delete from the menu.

How to Delete All of Your Kik Conversations

1. Locate and launch Kik.

open Settings

2. Go ahead and log in with your Kik account, that is, if you weren’t logged in already. Once redirected to your messages, open Settings located in the top right corner of the screen. It’s the gear icon.Chat Settings

3. Scroll down your Settings menu and select Chat Settings. You’ll find it towards the bottom of the menu just above “Privacy” and below “Notifications.”

4. Finally, in the Chat Settings, choose Clear Chat History.