Streaming on Netflix is one of the easiest places to stream content today. It saves whatever you watch so that you can come back to it. And, it also save where you were at in that show or movie so that you can restart where you left off next time. It’s a feature that benefits you immensely if that’s what you want to happen, but other times you might view it as a curse.

If you’re sharing an account and you don’t want someone to see what you were watching, you might want to get rid of it. Also if you finished that content or just wanted to try something new, then it might not have any benefit to being on your “Continue watching.” Here’s how you remove “continue watching” on Netflix.

Clearing your “Continue Watching” on Netflix

You can do this from the mobile app or from your account on your web browser of your computer or laptop.

Mobile App

1. Launch the Netflix mobile app on your device.

Watch History

2. Select the profile that contains the Watch History that you want to get rid of.


3. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see five icons. Furthest to the right, you’ll see an icon with three horizontal lines that is labeled “More.” Tap this icon.


4. On the screen that you’re navigated to “Account”

Viewing Activity

5. Once you’re navigated to your mobile browser and you’re in your Netflix account, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Underneath the header that says, “My Profile” tap on “Viewing Activity.”

Continue Watching

6. Select the circle with the line through it to the right of the name of the show or movie that you want deleted, and it’ll remove that from your viewing activity. It will no longer show up in “Continue Watching.”

Desktop Browser

1. Go to Netflix on the web browser of your choosing.

Continue Watching

2. Select the profile that contains the “Continue Watching” content that you want deleted.


3. Now you’ll be on the home screen for Netflix in that profile. In the right corner of the screen, hover over the icon of your profile until the menu appears.

4. On the menu that appears, click on “Account.” You’ll be navigated to your account information.

My Profile

5. Scroll down to the “My Profile” section of the Account information and click on “Viewing Activity.”

Hide all

6. Once you’re taken to your viewing activity, then you’ll see all the shows that you’ve been watching. Click on the circle with the line through them for each thing that you want to be eliminated from your viewing history. At the bottom of the screen is the “Hide all” option which will delete all of them from your viewing history, which means that none of them will be on your “Continue watching.”

Be aware that anything that you delete won’t be used to make recommendations to you. If you remove a ton of your watch history, then you won’t receive the same quality of tailored recommendations, so you should be wary of that.