How to Delete Check Ins on Facebook

How to Delete Check Ins on Facebook

Facebook has been a social media giant for almost two decades and allows millions to stay in touch. There is one feature, however, that not every user enjoys- the Facebook Check In. Facebook Check In shows others where you have been and are on the Facebook platform.

Can You Delete Check Ins on Facebook?

It is possible to make alterations to your Facebook check ins through your settings to adjust the visibility of your locations, or completely delete the check in from being visible to other Facebook users. Regardless of the reason that you do not wish to share the information, Facebook has made it possible to keep that information more private.

When you post on your Facebook account and include the name of a business or other location, your check in will be automatically added.

Rest assured that it is possible to edit this location to either a different location, adjust the visibility of your location, or remove it completely, depending on how much information you want to share.

If you are looking to avoid Facebook’s check in feature entirely, you can certainly do so as long as you do not mention a specific location within your Facebook posts.

This will not, however, completely prevent others from knowing where you are or where you have been. Other Facebook users can still check in to locations and tag you.

Depending on their own account settings and who they share that information with, which could be the entire public, your location could still be visible to others.

If you are looking to alter or completely delete Facebook’s check in status, consider the instructions below to regain some of your location privacy.

How to Delete Check Ins on Facebook

If you do not wish to share your check ins with other Facebook users, you do have options.

The methods to make adjustments or delete your check in history will depend upon whether it is your post or someone else’s, as well as whether you are using a mobile device, like and Android or iOS, or a PC.

Let’s say you have already posted something on Facebook and the check in has been logged, but you do not want that information to be shared. You can go into Facebook and delete the check in. Instructions for devices and methods are below:

Deleting Your Check in on a Mobile Device (Android or iOS) Through the Facebook App:

Step 1: Open your Facebook app on your phone. If you have been logged out, you will need to log back in. Once logged in, you will be on your Facebook’s home screen.

Step 2: On your screen, locate the menu icon. It will look like three horizontal lines, and it sometimes referred to as a “hamburger icon”. Tap on it.

Android Users: The three horizontal lines should be visible in the upper right corner of your screen.

iOS Users: The three horizontal lines should be located on the righter lower corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap on your name next to your Facebook profile picture. This will take you to your Facebook profile.

Step 4: Scroll and locate the post that included the check in that you do not want to be seen. Depending on how long it has been since the check in was done as well as how often you post, you might have a to scroll for a bit.

Step 5: Once you have located the post, select the three vertically stacked dots in the right corner of the post. This will provide you with a drop down menu.

Step 6: Select the “Edit Post” option, which will allow you to change the post or the details of the post. Once you have selected this option, all of the available editing options for the post become visible.

Step 7: Locate and choose the “Check In” icon. It will be visible within the edit post’s panel and will look like a small, red location pin. Once you have selected it, a new page will open. You can also locate the same check in information by tapping on the location name that appears after your name in the post.

Step 8: Remove the location. Regardless of which way you accessed it in step 7, you will see the name of the location that you checked in to as well as an “X” icon that appears on the right side of the name of the location. Select the “X” icon and your location will be removed.

Step 9: Save your edited post. After deleting the check in, you will be reverted back to the post’s edit page. Make sure that you select the “Save” option in the right corner so that your post will be updated to not include your check in.

If there is only one post on your account with a check in that you want to delete, the above instructions will take care of it; however, what if you have multiple check ins that you no longer want to be visible?

If there is more than one post to adjust and you do not want to aimlessly scroll through your Facebook posts, you can use the “Activity Log” feature to locate your posts more quickly.

To access the log, you will complete Steps 1-3 as detailed above. Instead of scrolling, tap on the three horizontal dots that appear in the options under your profile picture on your Facebook profile page.

You will be taken to a new menu that provides you with multiple options. Select the “Activity Log” and you can see the posts that you have made, grouped together, that included your Facebook check ins.

Then, click on the post and complete Steps 5-9 discussed above to remove the location tag from your selected posts.

You will have to do this for each post, so depending on how many locations you are trying to delete, understand that it could be a little tedious.

Deleting Your Check in on PC using Facebook’s Browser:

Step 1: Open up your favorite internet browser on your PC and go to Facebook’s website. Log in to your Facebook account using the same email address and password you use to access Facebook’s app on your device.

Step 2: Once logged in, you will find yourself on your News Feed. In the top, upper right corner of your screen, select your name. It will be next to your profile picture. This will take you to your profile page.

Step 3: The same way that you would scroll if you were on the app, you will need to scroll in your browser through your posts until you locate the post that included the check in that you no longer want to be visible.

Step 4: With the post located, click on the three dots in the right corner for that post to open up the drop down menu.

Step 5: Various options will appear, but you will need to click on the “Edit Post” option so that you can alter the location check in.

Step 6: The edit post box will open. Locate the location that you want to remove and click on the name of the location to access the edit features.

Step 7: A drop down menu will appear with different locations. The location that you had already tagged will appear, and you will see an “X” icon to the right of it. Click on the “X” to remove your location from your post.

Step 8: After deselecting the location, navigate back to the post’s main editing page to make the drop down menu go away. Click “Save” so that the updated location, or technically lack of a location, is saved in the post and your location will no longer be visible within that post.

If you need to delete a Facebook check in but it is not your post, you will need to remove your friend’s tag of you from the post so that others are unable to see that you were at that location.

Step 1: Go to either your Facebook Profile page, the other person’s Facebook Profile page, or the “Place” page.

Step 2: Locate the post, and click or tap (depending on which device you are using to access the post) on the three dots in the right corner of the post.

Step 3: When the menu options appear, select the “Remove Tag” option.

There is no save required for this method, as it is not your post. This will not remove your friend’s post nor will it delete their check in; it will, however, remove your name from being associated with the post, and delete the check in from your Activity Log.

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