If people who love photography tell you that they do not take pictures on their iPad or they take pictures on iPad that do not require cropping then they are lying in both cases. Apple products are known for their epic camera quality, and therefore users not utilizing iPad’ camera is rare. Secondly, no one can take perfect pictures all the time; everyone takes some help from cropping.

If a person has used iPad long enough then he/she must be aware of all its functions. However, people who switch to iOS from Android take some time to adjust. So, if you are one of the newest additions to the Apple family and want to know how to crop pictures on iPad, you should give this step-by-step guideline a go.

1. Open the Photos App on your iPad.

2. Now look for the Album where you can find the photo which you want to crop. Usually, you can find all the photos in the album named All Photos.

3. Once located, tap on that photo to open it.

4. You will be able to see the option Edit at the top right corner of your screen. Tap on it.

5. Upon tapping Edit, you will see a few icons on the bottom of your screen.

6. The first icon (next to the option Cancel) can be used for cropping, adjusting aspect ratio, and even for rotating the pic clockwise and anti-clockwise.

7. Tap and drag the corners of the photo until you’re satisfied with the crop. You can always use the option Reset on the bottom to start from the scratch if things aren’t going well.

8. If you desire to constrain your crop to a specific aspect ratio, tap the icon placed at the bottom right corner of your screen. It will pop up a list of different aspect ratios and also another cropping option as in Square.

9. Once done, tap on the option Done at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Remember, if you do not want to save the changes then you can do it by tapping the option Cancel. Doing this will allow you to discard changes.

Additionally, it is recommended that if you desire to straighten your image while cropping, you should place two fingers on the iPad’s screen and rotate them in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Once the cropping is done, you can see your cropped picture in the All Photos as it will replace the original picture.

iPad photo app doesn’t only let you crop pictures, but it also allows you to edit them in different ways. You can add filters, adjust contrast/brightness, and even add text to your pictures. Briefly, you can say that correcting your photography via this app is quite simple and cropping is no less than a blessing for people who love photography on phones or iPads.