Apple is known for offering its customers easy to use software, and an environment of simplicity. Whether you need to browse the internet, convert one file type to another, edit videos, or anything else, Apple makes the process easy. This is true when it comes to cropping images on your Mac as well. Cropping is essential if you’re a photo enthusiast or if you would just like to improve the composition of your photo, in order to emphasize a particular focal point.

Cropping can also be used to reduce the unnecessary parts of the photo. You’ve probably heard of Photoshop, and other third-party applications, that are often used to edit images. You may think that the same situation applies here, and you’ll have to use third party applications in order to crop images on your Mac, however, this is very far from the truth. You don’t need to install anything on your Mac, and can easily crop images. Many users remain unaware of the built-in applications provided by Apple, which can accomplish various different tasks.

From Keynote, to iMovie, and more, Apple has provided a whole suite if applications that you’re your life easier. One such application is the Preview application. You’ve probably noticed this application, when opening images on your Mac. Using the built-in tools that come with the Preview application, you can crop your images in a matter of moments.

All you need in order to crop an image is, of course, an image, and any version of Mac OS X. In order to get started and crop your image using Preview, follow the instructions below.

Crop Image Using Preview in Mac

Once you’re sure which image you would like to crop, the rest of the process is fairly simple. To get started, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the image file you would like to crop using the Preview application.

Click on the Show Markup Toolbar button

2. Click on the Show Markup Toolbar button. You’ll find this button towards the top right of the window, with an icon of a pencil on it.

press the Selection Tools button

3. On the top left, press the Selection Tools button, and choose the Rectangular Section option, as seen above. This option is usually the default option set, but it’s best to be sure too.

draw the rectangular section you would like to crop

4. By clicking on the display of your image, and then dragging your mouse outwards, draw the rectangular section you would like to crop.

5. Click on Crop towards the top right. You can also use a keyboard shortcut and press command + K in order to crop the image. You’ll notice that the image will instantaneously crop down to the rectangular section that you chose.

6. Click on File.

Choose Save or Save As

7. Choose Save or Save As, in order to save the cropped version of the image. You can also press command+ S as a keyboard shortcut, in order to save the image. Note: If you also just close the image without saving from the File menu, a window will pop up asking if you would like to keep the cropped version of your image or revert back to the original.

That’s all it takes. By the press of a few buttons on the Preview application, you’ve cropped your image to the size that best suits your needs. Please note that when you crop an image, you also resize the image, since the total number of pixels in the image are reduced. If you needed to use a small image anyway, then by the cropping the image, you’re doing the right thing.

Using Preview, you can also markup your image, and add lines, shapes, and anything else of the like. Feel free to explore the markup tool, and remember you can always revert back to your original photo.