Email addresses are some of the lifelines of communication for many instances. Even though you might not use them for friendly communication, they’re used for work and for spreading information. How many times have you received an email from your coworkers to notify you of what you need to do?

Also, when you go shopping, you’re always asked for an email so that you can set up an account to get the rewards you earn. Emails often pile up quickly, so you might find that you need a 2nd one that you can allocate to only work or only shopping emails. Here’s how you create a second email address.

Choosing an Email Address

There are a ton of different email addresses that you can choose from. The thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as you remember the email address you make. You might consider keeping the same email provider that you currently have so that you can make it easier to remember when you need it.

Some of the most popular email address carriers include Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Most of the emails will take you through the steps with labeled boxes and the steps for creating an email are mostly the same.

Creating a Second Email Address

Once you choose which email provider you’re using, then you need to begin the steps for creating an email account. The following directions and images are for Yahoo, but many of the directions will apply to other email addresses.

1. Navigate to the Yahoo Sign Up page so you can see what you have to do to create a new email address.

2. Once you’re on that page, begin at the top. Enter your name. The best thing about emails is that you don’t need to prove your name. Enter a nickname or make up a new name. It doesn’t matter. Just know that this is what people will see when you send them an email.

3. Now, you have to create a unique email address. You can make it the same as your other email address if it’s with another email provider and no one else has it. Otherwise, make sure it’s something you can remember. A good way of incorporating your name is by adding numbers to it to make it unique. You can also add underscores if you want. Just know that whatever you make up will have “” after it.

4. The account will now be verified as unique, and you’ll be informed to change it if it isn’t.

5. Next, make up a strong password. It’s usually a good idea to add numbers, symbols, and a mix of capitalized and lowercase letters.

6. Enter a birth day into the next fields. It doesn’t have to be real, but you are required to enter something. Make sure what you enter meets the age requirement.

7. Select “Continue” at the bottom of the screen.

8. On the next screen, they’ll verify the number you entered. This must be your number or a number you have access to because you’ll need to enter the verification code on the next screen. Choose to receive a text or a call that contains the code.

9. Now, enter the code on the next screen. The code must be correct for the email to be created.

Once the code is correct, you’ll be led to your inbox where you can start receiving messages. You’ll now have a new email account. Make sure that you know the password you chose.