Flyers have to be one of the easiest and most productive ways for advertising. Whether you want to announce an upcoming event, let people know about a volunteer opportunity, sell a product or service, or anything similar to that, a flyer will help you get the word out quickly in a professional manner.

Mac users who want to create a flyer should consider themselves lucky. The Pages, Apple’s own desktop publishing app, allows the users to create flyers with the help of templates. It is the easier way to make a flyer, but if you want to make it from scratch then you can use a blank document too.

Creating a Flyer with a Template:

The Pages app comes loaded with advanced photo-editing options which ensure that the photos look best when you print out the flyer. The process of creating a flyer on Mac is as easy as it could get. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow:

1. Launch the Pages app on your Mac.

2. The Pages app offers five unique flyer templates to choose from. To select a template, click on the option File followed by clicking the option New Document.

3. On the left-sidebar, you will be able to locate the option Flyer and Posters. Click on it.

4. Since it is a template, it will have some random pictures and text. All you need to do is to replace these pics and texts with your own and your flyer will be ready in no time.

Creating a Flyer from Scratch:

This method of creating a flyer will test your skills as compared to the straightforward template method. However, creating a flyer from scratch will give you more authority on how you want your flyer to look. If you have time then it is best to create the flyer from scratch as it is quite an interesting thing to do. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Select the Blank Document option, to begin with.

2. The default margins on a blank document measure 1 inch, but they aren’t perfect for a flyer. You need to click the Document button in the toolbar and then click the Document tab. Reduce all four margins to 0.5 inches.

3. Next, add the images to your flyer by either clicking the option Media above your flyer or clicking the option Finder to incorporate images directly from the web. Once imported, drag the image where you want to place it. You can crop and resize it as well.

4. You can also edit the images by using the option Format. You will need to double-click on the image to reveal this option.

5. To add text, click the T-shaped “Text” icon to add a Text Box and begin typing. Formatting options automatically appear on the right. You can add text directly on the flyer, but adding a text box will give your flyer a more professional look.

Again, it is all about making the best flyer that can help you advertise better. There are so many wonderful editing options that you need to use. Use bold fonts for titles to make them stand out and you can add fonts downloaded from the web. All you need to do is to double-click any Apple-compatible font file and then open the Font Book to install it. Once the download is complete, you will be able to use these fonts in the Pages app.

Flyers templates aren’t a bad option, to begin with, but if you want to be creative and out of the box then you should make a flyer from scratch. It will take time to master it, but once you learn it, you will enjoy doing it from scratch.