Copying images from the web and pasting them into your Word document can really spruce up your work. It can draw attention to specific details, perhaps your text needs context or references, and can enhance the text that you’ve typed. The ability to do so has been a staple of Microsoft Word for quite some time now.

But how does one copy web images and paste them into a Word document? It’s quite simple, actually. So, let’s begin!

Copying Web Images and Pasting Them into Word

When you search for an image on the web, you get a small preview of that image. It may be tempting to simply copy from the preview window, but doing that will have disastrous results.

For starters, copying the preview of the image will only give you the image as it is in the preview. For example, if an image is 1280×720, but its preview is smaller, you won’t get the original size but rather the size it appears in the preview. So, how do you get the original image? That’s actually pretty simple.

To get the original size, you’ll have to take the time to visit the page. In some cases the preview window is the original size, but you can also specify the sizes of the images you want.

1. Start by firing up your preferred web browser–double click the web browser shortcut–and head on over to Google. In the upper right corner of the page, click on Images.


2. Search for an image you would like to use. Now, along the upper left corner, just below the search bar, click Tools. This will open additional options.

Size drop down menu

3. Click on the Size drop down menu, and specify the general size you are looking for in an image, such as: Icon or Small or Medium or Large.

Why does image size matter? If you were to choose a smaller image and attempted to stretch it out, you’re going to end up with a horribly pixelated mess. By choosing an image that’s larger, you have less to worry about when you need to resize a web image. When possible, always go for the larger image. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Open image in new tab

4. Now click on the image you would like to copy. In the Preview Window, right click on the image. In the drop down menu, click on “Open image in new tab.” Your browser will then open a new browser tab immediately after.

[NOTE]: Now, you don’t want to copy the image in the Preview Window. You could end up with an image that’s smaller than the original size. Instead you can visit the page that has the image or you can open the image in a separate page. In doing so, you reveal the original image size, hence why you had to specify an image size.

Copy Image

5. Visit your newly opened browser tab. Right click on the image you want and, in the drop down menu, click on Copy Image. It’s now saved to your Clipboard.

6. Now launch Microsoft Word. Doing so will always open Microsoft Word to a fresh document, so click File in the top left corner and choose Open or Recent in the drop down menu. Select the Word document that needs images.

7. In the Word document, place your text cursor where you want the web image to be and then right click. In the drop down menu, choose Paste.

Now that your image has been pasted to your Word document, you can resize it and edit it as you see fit. As you can see, copying web images and pasting them into Word isn’t a difficult task.