If you are like most people, you probably type on your phone more than any other device in an average day. That’s normal, but it can be a pain to type out the same thing more than once to send it to multiple people or to type out an explanation to something that you can find instructions to online. Luckily, just like on a computer, you can copy and paste text on your Android to avoid the pain in your thumbs later.

How to Copy and Paste Text on Android

1. First, you need to find the text that you want to copy and paste. This can be from a text message, a website, or wherever there is text that you want to copy

Highlight Handles

2. Next, tap and hold the text you are trying to copy, this should bring up Highlight Handles

highlight all the text

3. Now, tap and drag the Highlight Handles to highlight all the text that you are wanting to copy and paste

4. Then, tap on the Copy option when the menu pops up for you

empty spot

5. Tap and hold in the empty spot that you are trying paste the text that you just copied

6. Finally, tap Paste in the pop up menu. There is also an option to Paste as plain text if you want

How to Copy and Paste a Link on Android

If you want to share a link with a friend, you can copy and paste it instead of typing out the long web address. You can copy the address from the address bar in your web browser, or you can copy the link address from linked text.

1. Find the Link that you want to copy and paste to send to a friend

hold the Link

2. Tap and hold the Link until the pop up menu appears

3. Tap the Copy to Clipboard or the icon that looks like two pieces of paper to copy to your clipboard

4. Tap and hold the place that you want to paste the text to

menu appears

5. Finally tap Paste when the menu appears for you