The MOV format is a video extension that isn’t as widely used as MP4, and if you’re a Mac user, it should look familiar. Chances are you’ve used Quicktime at some point, and generally speaking, MOV is often used on Apple devices. Unfortunately, MOV is nothing but a nuisance so using it often comes with a wave of frustration.

Fortunately for you, converting MOV to MP4 on a Mac is really easy and doesn’t end with you pulling your own hair out. What’s even better is some solutions are readily available while others rely on your browser to do the work.

Converting MOV to MP4 with iMovie

Wouldn’t you know it, your MacOS already has the ability to convert MOV to MP4 natively. So long as your Mac is running High Sierra and beyond, you’ll have iMovie. This handy bit of software can do the work for you.

Aside from having tools to create your own movies with effects, import soundtracks, create transitions, and so on, it has the uncanny ability of converting MOV files to MP4.

Here’s how:

1. Start by opening Finder.

2. In Finder, there’s a menu on the left-hand side. Find and select Applications.

3. In Applications, locate and open iMovie.

4. Now click File in the top left corner of iMovie’s window. In the drop down menu, choose New Movie.

5. When creating a new movie, there’s themes to choose from. You don’t have to pick any. Selecting No Theme is fine.


6. Now, in the upper left pane, click Import Media.

7. In the following pop-up window, locate the MOV file. When you find it, click on it once and then click Import Selected.


8. In the top left corner, click File again. In the drop down menu, hover your mouse cursor over Share. This will open yet another drop down menu, where you’ll click File… and another pop-up window will appear.


9. Click Next. Choose a save location for your “movie.” Click Save to finalize it and there you have it: an MP4 file.

This is by far one of the best options available as it doesn’t require you to download any additional software (provided you have iMovie already installed), nor are you forced to visit some obscure website.

However, if you’re looking to convert your MOV to anything other than an MP4, you’ll need the assistance of a website. Thankfully, there’s a safe choice for converting files.

Convert MOV to MP4 with CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a great website for just about any conversation needs. Are you in need of an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file converted to something usable? Use CloudConvert. Or, in this case, using the magic of its conversation tool to change an MOV file to MP4.

Here’s how it works:

1. Use your preferred web browser to visit CloudConvert.


2. Start the conversation process by clicking Select File.

Note: Additionally, if your file is, say, saved on a cloud service, you can upload your file directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Just click the small arrow next to “Select File” and choose a different upload option from the drop down menu.

3. Locate the MOV file on your Mac and double-click it to start the upload.


4. Where it says “Convert to…”, click on the drop down menu and choose MP4.

5. Finally, click Convert. When the conversion is complete, click Download.

CloudConvert isn’t the only conversion tool out there, but it’s certainly one of the best. With how many file extensions are out there, that’s saying something. Not to mention its clean and easy to use interface is very user friendly.

Bottom Line

While CloudConvert is definitely the best option if you need a file extension other than MP4, iMovie still reigns supreme in that it doesn’t require you to upload your file to a website first, and then wait for the download. It’s a clean conversion. If you just need a conversation from MOV to MP4, use iMovie, but for other extensions, use CloudConvert.