How to Connect Airpods to PS4 Without Dongle

How to Connect Airpods to PS4 Without Dongle

Many users have found connecting their AirPods to PS4 to be such a hassle as it always requires some extra gadget like a Bluetooth adapter.

This is because PS4 does not natively support AirPods and most other Bluetooth headsets, so you would need a Bluetooth adapter or dongle to connect to PS4 and then connect to your AirPods.

Some users also try connecting the AirPods to a PS4 Beta first and then linking the Beta to their PS4 console. But this workaround does not let you use your controllers to control the PS4 anymore.

So, is there actually a way to connect AirPods to PS4 without a dongle or any other gadget for that matter? Read on to find out.

Can You Connect AirPods to PS4 Without Dongle

Yes, you can connect AirPods to PS4 without a Bluetooth dongle. However, this process is not as straightforward as just pairing your AirPods with your PS4.

If you have already tried to do this, you would have received the error message stating that the audio device is not supported or that there is something wrong with the pairing passkey.

This is because, as we explained earlier, PS4 does not support AirPods and most other Bluetooth headsets. However, there are wireless Bluetooth headsets that are built specifically for Ps4 and Ps5 and you can get them on Amazon; this Gold Wireless Gaming headset (view on Amazon) for example.

But, if you are looking to specifically use your AirPods to connect to PS4, then you would need to use your phone as a connecting bridge

In this article, we are going to walk you step-by-step through the process of connecting your AirPods to PS4 using your phone as a bridge.

How to Connect AirPods to PS4 Without Dongle

Method – Using Your Phone


  • Your smartphone – either iPhone or Android phone, does not matter. As long as the AirPod can connect to your phone, you can use it to connect to PS4 seamlessly
  • PS4 Remote Play app


1. First, make sure your PS4 is turned on and you are signed into your PSN account

2. Go to your phone’s application store and install PS4 Remote Play

3. Next, turn on Bluetooth on your phone, put the AirPod in pairing mode and connect the AirPod to your phone

4. Launch PS4 Remote Play app

5. Then click on Start on the app’s home screen and accept the terms and conditions

6. Next, sign into the same PS Network account that you are using to play on PS4

7. The Remote Play app will register with the PS network, search for your PS4 console and connect to it. You will receive a notification on your PS4 console stating that you are connected using Remote Play

8. At this point, PS4 should be mirrored on your phone and you should be able to use your phone to control the PS4 console. You can also operate PS4 on your phone using the controller at this point

9. Now, open any game on your phone but do not start it

10. Press the Settings button at the bottom left of the start screen

11. Then toggle to turn Microphone on

12. You will receive a prompt saying that PS4 Remote Play would like to access the microphone. Click on OK to allow the access. You should receive a notification stating that the PS4 Microphone has been switched to the microphone on the Remote Play device

13. Alternatively, on the Remote Play app on your phone, you can tap once on the mic button at the bottom left corner of the screen to activate microphone for the AirPod. It is muted by default.

Please note that, contrary to some user suggestions, you cannot AirPlay your PS4 on Apple TV. PS4 does not support AirPlay 2 which is required for such connection.

AirPods Won’t Connect to PS4 Without Dongle

The method provided above is pretty straightforward, and it Is the only way to connect your AirPod to PS4 without using a Bluetooth dongle, as at the time of writing this article.

If you have followed the steps provided above carefully and your AirPod still won’t connect to PS4, or it connects but people can’t hear you, then try the fixes below to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

1. AirPod out of date

The first thing to do when your AirPod won’t connect to PS4 is to update the AirPod. Even if the AirPod works okay with your phone, it may have issues integrating with your PS4 because it is not natively supported by your console.

Updating your AirPod will ensure that it has the latest features and capabilities needed for the bridged connection you are trying to set up. Also, updating the AirPod should fix any bugs that may be causing the connection to fail.

To update your AirPod, you would have to use an iPhone or iPad. Then follow the steps below:

1. Place the AirPod in its case and connect the case to a power source to charge. It is best to use the supplied Lightning to USB cable

2. Make sure that your AirPod is connected to your iPhone or iPad

3. Place the connected iPhone or iPad next to the charging case and then ensure that the iPhone or iPad has strong internet connection.

4. Leave in this position for about an 30 minutes and make sure that your iOS device stays active during this time

5. Then, go back and try reconnecting your AirPod to your PS4 to see if the issue is resolved

2. PS4 Out of Date

Just as an out-of-date AirPod can cause the connection to not work, an out-od-date PS4 could also be responsible for the AirPod not connecting successfully to your console.

For this connection to work, PS4 has to be first connected to your phone using Remote Play, and then has to integrate with your AirPod for both speakers and microphone. This level of integration requires that all connected devices be up to date both to improve performance and to fix bugs that may be hindering the connection.

So, if your AirPod won’t connect to PS4, try updating your console using the steps below:

1. Make sure that your PS4 has strong internet connection

2. Go to Settings on your PS4

3. Scroll down and select System Software Update

4. If there is an update available, the download will start automatically

5. When download is complete, you will be notified to install the update. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the update

6. If you open System Software updates and it says that an update has been downloaded, then click on Next

7. On the screen that comes up, click on Update

Note: Do not turn off your PS4 during download and installation of the updates. If the console turns off during this period, it may cause irreversible damage to your console

3. Defective AirPod

If your AirPod and your PS4 are both up to date and the AirPod still won’t connect to the console, or it connects but there is no audio, then you need to check whether the AirPod is working in the first place.

To do this, you need to:

1. Make sure that your AirPod is still connected to your phone

2. Then, exit the PS Remote Play app on your phone

3. Play an audio on your phone to see whether it plays on your AirPod

If there is no sound, then it is likely that the AirPod is defective

4. Low Volume on PS4

If you are able to successfully connect your AirPod to PS4 but the sound is not working on the AirPod, you need to confirm that the volume is properly set so people can hear you. As obvious as this sounds, it is a common reason why users complain that connecting AirPod to PS4 does not work.

The reason is that, even though your PS4 mic and speaker volumes were initially tuned to a good level, switching to AirPod changes the audio configuration and so you need to check that the new volume settings are appropriate.

To do this:

1. Open Settings on your PS4

2. Select Sound/Devices

3. Select Adjust Microphone Level

4. On the volume control screen, move the slider to the right until you get to a good volume level

At the Sound/Device setting, you may notice that Volume Control (headset) is greyed out. That’s because the AirPod is not directly connected to the PS4 but rather to your phone, so that’s okay.

As long as the AirPod is working, and as long as you have set a good mic level, you should be able to both speak and hear on PS4 using your AirPod.

5. Glitch on Connecting Devices

Another possible reason why connection between your AirPod and your PS4 may fail is that there is a temporary glitch on one of the devices.

If your PS4 or your phone is glitching, it may cause the required integration to fail. This could be due to temporary issues with the audio software or drivers in either device. To fix this, you simply need to restart the devices.

To restart your phone:


1. Press and hold the power button until the power menu appears

2. Tap on shutdown to completely turn off the phone

3. Press and hold the power button again to reboot the phone

To force restart iPhone with Face ID, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE Gen 2 and later:

1. Press and quickly release the volume up (+) button

2. Then press and quickly release the volume down (-) button

3. Then, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears

Please do these in quick succession or the sequence will break.

To force restart iPhone 7

1. Press and hold the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously

2. Hold until the Apple logo appears, then release them

To force restart iPhone 6s and iPhone SE Gen 1

1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously

2. Hold until the Apple logo appears, then release them

To restart PS4:

1. Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller

2. Select Power from the options

3. Select Restart PS4 and wait for it to power off and then back on

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