Your keyboard keeps track of everything that you type in an effort to streamline your experience. You’re familiar with features, such as text suggestions, which helps you type faster by keeping track of the way you type. Your keyboard keeps track of more than just the words you type.

Are you partial to any emojis? If you are, there’s a section on your keyboard dedicated to your recently used emojis. If you no longer want this section to exist, then you can start the list over by deleting all of them. Here’s how you clear your recent emojis on Android.

How to Clear your Most Recent Emojis on Android

Before you clear your emojis, make sure that you know where the recent ones are on your keyboard. On your keyboard, switch to the emoji part of your keyboard and look for the little clock icon. The clock icon separates your other emojis from your most commonly used ones. Also, before you erase your recent emojis, you should know that this action will also erase the suggestive text on your keyboard. This means you won’t be able to quicken your typing by using predictive text.

To clear your recent emojis on Android, here’s what you have to do.

1. Open your Settings menu. The Settings app icon on your device resembles a grey gear.

2. Once the Settings menu is opened, scroll down to “General Management.” It should be located at the bottom of the Settings menu.

3. On the General Management menu, select “Language and Input.”

4. On the “Language and Input” menu, tap on “On- screen Keyboard.” You’ll be navigated to a list of all the keyboard you have on your device.

5. Tap on the keyboard that you use on the list. If you use the default keyboard, then it should say the type of device you have next to the keyboard. It might also just say “default keyboard.”

Reset to default settings

6. On the menu, select “Reset to default settings.”

Go onto your keyboard and look at the section where the recent emojis should be. There should be nothing there.

How to Clear Recent Emojis on a Different Keyboard

Having an Android comes with endless customization benefits, and one of them is that you don’t have to use the default keyboard. Deleting the emojis in these keyboards won’t have the same steps as deleting emojis on your default program.

Although every keyboard is different, there are some things in general you can keep in mind to get to where you need to delete your recent emojis.

1. Open the keyboard app on your device.

2. In the keyboard app, look for a settings gear or settings section. Tap on it to enter the Settings menu.

3. Look for a way to clear data on the settings menu. It might say “Clear data” or “delete learned words or data.” You’ll want to look for an option that sounds like one of these suggestions because emojis are a part of data.

4. Tap that option once you locate it and you’ll have to confirm that you want everything to be erased. If you clear your emojis, you’ll clear the predictive text function of what it has learned of you.

Now, you can restart your recent emojis list.