Most iPhone users tend to use their phones much longer than they should. Playing games, watching videos, social media activities, and streaming Netflix combine for a lot of screen time on iPhones. No denying that iPhones are indeed powerful and versatile gadgets, but too much of anything is destructive.

Especially when it comes to children, no parent would want their kid to be a phone addict as it can be really dangerous. Almost all the parents wish to impose more effective controls on their kid’s use of iPads and iPhones, or on their usage of specific apps. Apple has somewhat acknowledged the need for addressing this growing addiction by introducing the Screen Time feature in iOS 12.

What this feature does is that it shows you your iPhone’ usage for a daily and weekly basis. You would be able to see how much time you are spending on your phone, and which apps are consuming the most time. This certainly is a pivotal and primary step in cutting down the phone’s usage. There are many other options packed in this feature. Mentioned below is a guideline on how you can check your screen time on your iPhone.

Screen Time:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Scroll down, locate the option Screen Time and tap on it.
last 24 hours

3. If the feature is already enabled then it will show you the usage for the last 24 hours. If it is disabled then you will need to turn it on. Once turned on, you’d have to wait for few hours and then revisit this screen. It will show you the usage from the time it was enabled.

4. Tap on your iPhone (The name you have given to your iPhone) and it will take you to another screen.

5. On this screen, you will be able to monitor an elaborated chart for your iPhone’ usage. You can tap on the option last 7 days to see how much time have you spent on your iPhone during this tenure.

6. Scroll down to see every app’ usage individually. It will be set by the order Most Used to Less Used.

7. Scroll down a bit further and you will see the category Pickups. It will show you the time you first picked up your phone and also, the number of times you picked up your phone.

8. Next, you will see the category FIRST USED AFTER PICKUP. This category shows you the app that you first use after picking up the phone.

9. Next category on the screen is Notifications. This will tell you the number of notifications you have received for the duration. It will also show you the number of notifications for different apps individually. You can also see the number of notifications per hour too.

10. The same categories will show you the weekly statistics given that you tap on the option Last 7 days located at the top right of your screen.

Now, this was an elaborated chart for your screen time on your iPhone. This chart provided you with an inkling that if you are overusing your phone or not. Moreover, it also showed you the apps that are consuming the most time. So, if you think that you are overusing your phone, then you may have to cut down time for the apps that consume the most time.

If you only desire to view your screen time then that was it. However, there are a few other options on your Screen Time. These are the options that can help you in controlling your or your kid’ phone usage. Mentioned below is a quick review of how these options function, and what benefit can they provide.


This is a great feature for the people who want time away from the screen. Once enabled, this feature will only allow you access to the apps that you have nominated and phone calls or texts. Moreover, you can customize it as per your preference; days and time of day (to-from).

App Limits:
App Limits

Set daily limits on the apps that you think are consuming more time than you’d like. The app will shut down once it reaches its daily limit. You may have to lift the limit to access it again. The limits reset every day at midnight.

Always Allowed:
Always Allowed

You can pick choose the apps that you want to make available all the time. The apps that are allowed via this feature won’t be affected by the Downtime feature. It is recommended that you do not choose apps that are consuming too much time on your iPhone. Only allow basic apps such as Phone, Messages, and Facetime etc.

Content and Privacy Restrictions:
Content and Privacy Restrictions

This feature comes handy when you want to monitor your kid’ activities on the iPhone. You can set it up as per your preferences. Set passcode for restrictions you want to apply and no one other than you would be able to breach them as it requires a passcode.

Use Screen Time Passcode:

As the name suggests, the user would have to provide a passcode if they desire to exceed the limits set up in App Limits.

Share Across Devices:

Users can toggle this feature on to monitor the screen time for different devices that share the same Apple ID.

Set Up Screen Time for Family would allow you to limit the usage of family members. This feature is handy if you want to cut short screen time for children.