Plagiarism can ruin your professional reputation and that’s why we need to be very concerned about that.

Fortunately, we can easily check the originality of a content but it needs a tool to do this job.

And luckily, internet is full of useful tools that c an be helpful in checking the originality of a content and it is not limited to this only.

We have a lot of tools that can help in every aspect either you are going to write a content or you are going to check the plagiarism in a content.

But moving forward, we need to explain the meaning of original content and plagiarized content so, let’s have a look.

Original content VS. Plagiarized content

The first thing to keep in mind is, we need to write original content and this can only be possible when you are going to present your own words.

And sometimes, it is not easy to write your own words and at that point, there are many more options but we are not going to quote here.

In contrast, we need to strictly avoid plagiarized content as it is very harmful for your blog rankings or professional reputation as well.

Having plagiarism in your content can also have a bad impact on your search engine optimization because the very basic requirement of SEO is having a unique content.

Duplicate content is not only harmful when you are working for internet but it can also be very dangerous if you are a student.

It can be very disgraceful to use duplicate text in your assignments, reports, and any other educational document.

How can we check plagiarism in content?

We can easily check plagiarism in content or we can say that it is as simple as you just need to do couple of steps.

So, let’s break the ice.

There is an online utility plagiarism checker that can easily check the originality of content and generate a report of plagiarized and unique content.

Plagiarism checkers are also designed to provide the proper sources from where the text is copied and that can be very easy to compare.

As we all know that for removing plagiarism, we need to first highlight it in the content and that can only be possible by using a duplicate content checker.

Then it comes to removing the plagiarism and it can take some other steps or some other tools like paraphrasers, article rewriters, and many more.

But it is pretty cleared that plagiarism checker is the basic tool and we must need it especially if you are willing to upload something on the internet.

Can we check the plagiarized content on a smartphone?

If we give the answer in a single sentence then we can say that yes, we can check the content originality using a smart phone.

Basically, some people prefer using mobile phones as they are handy and easy to use like you can easily carry your phone to anywhere.

But how can we check the content originality?

We have two options when we talk about checking originality of a content using smartphone; one is to use web tool and secondly you can also use a mobile application.

And in this article, we are going to make you master of both of them as they are literally very easy and you need to invest the couple of seconds.

Using web tool

As we mentioned above that there are two options for checking content originality and this is the first option that we can use for a laptop, PC or Smartphone.

There are many plagiarism checkers available on the internet and simply you need to search for a good one and start using it.

But keep in mind that every plagiarism checker is not meant to use and it cannot be according to your requirements so, you need to find a suitable one first.

Using mobile application

Same as web tools, we have seen many mobile applications that can be considered as the best plagiarism checkers.

But when it comes to the mobile application there are many applications that are paid and not that efficient so, we need to avoid them.

All you need is to specify your requirements first and then you can easily download the application that can fulfil your requirements.

So, it is pretty cleared that you need specify the requirements at first and then you can decide either you are going for a paid tool or you are going to have a free tool.

Some people have fewer requirements like a student only needs to check the originality of a assignment and for this, a free and simple tool is enough.

Options we have in a mobile application

We always have more than one option when we are going to do any task and it totally depends on the user that what they select and prefer.

Same as, there are two options when it comes to check the originality of a content and these two options are using

  • Android app
  • iOS app

These two options are dependent on the phone you are using like if you are an android user then you must go for plagiarism checker app.

Luckily, there are varieties of apps available on the Play Store and you can simply download them at your single click.

You can also download an .apk file in an android phone like you can select an application and check either this app is available on the play store or not.

If it will be available on the play store simply download it from there and of not then you can easily download from .apk file.

Can we check content duplication using iOS device?

Apple devices are considered as the full-fledged and premium smart phones so; it is quite obvious that we must check the content originality using an apple device.

Same as the android phones, you can find a suitable iOS free plagiarism checker app and you must have hundreds of options available on the apple store.

It is not wrong to say that while using an apple device, you are somehow limited or restricted to some things.

Like we cannot download .apk files or we can say that we can only use the applications that are available on the app store.

And it cannot be an attraction for many people but we can say that app store contains almost every useful application.

What to do after checking content originality?

After checking the duplication in a content, it is quite obvious that now it’s time to remove the duplication from the content.

You can remove on your own like you can highlight the plagiarized content using plagiarism checkers and then you can easily change the sentient with the unique one.

And if you are not able to do it on your own then you can go for a tool like paraphraser so, it is this simple.


In this modern world, we have everything online and it is not limited to this but we also have mobile applications for almost every task.

And it can be a very good option as mobile phones are very handy and you can carry them anywhere.

Luckily, there is not only one choice available but we have many choices when we are going to pick an application.

So, all you need to do is, specify your requirements first and then select a suitable application.