There are always facets of your Android device that you’ll understand more than others. Your battery, RAM, and processors might be something that you deal with on a daily basis. But, are you familiar with the sensors in your device? Do you know what they’re for and how to check if they’re working correctly?

Chances are, you don’t, but that’s completely normal. It’s always hard to know what’s happening with every aspect of your device all the time. Below, you’ll find what sensors you have on your device and how to check them to make sure that they’re working correctly.

Sensors in your Android Device

The sensors that are in your phone aren’t seen, but they’re probably something that you use often. Here’s a list of the sensors that you have on your device:

  • Accelerometer: This detects the speed of the movement of your phone. It would increase when you move your device or be stable when it’s on a flat surface. It’s also used to detect whether the phone is vertical, horizontal, or upside down.
  • Magnetometer: This is used for your device to detect magnetic fields. This is integral to the compass working correctly on your device. It can detect the North Pole, which is what allows you to get an accurate reading of what direction you’re headed on.
  • Gyroscope: This helps your device know where it’s rotating in three dimensions. It’ll tell the device at what axis the phone is rotating in. This is very important in racing games or first person shooter games.
  • Proximity Sensor: This sensor is composed of an LED light and an IR light detector near the earpiece of your device. This is helpful for when you’re taking a call and the screen turns off or it turns on when you look at the screen. The LED light is thrown out and the detector is what uses that light to detect the proximity to the object.
  • Barometer: Not all devices have one, but the newer ones should. It detects how high the device is above sea level, which is useful for GPS accuracy.

Checking Sensors

One thing you can do is use an app. There are a few apps available to do this, but there’s one that has high ratings. Sensor Multitool is an easy to navigate app that will show you everything that you need to know about the sensors of your phone. You can see real time information about your sensors.

three vertical lines

To use the app, tap on the three vertical lines in the left corner of the screen to navigate between all the sensor checks that you can do.

status of the sensor

There are detailed graphs that shows the status of the sensor. If the values don’t show up, then you know that your device’s sensors aren’t working.

The app is the easiest way to check if your sensors aren’t working. It’s clear and easy to test, so there’s no better way to do so. There are other apps on the Google Play Store available, so feel free to check those out too if you’d like.