If you are a gamer, you have definitely heard about the newest Nintendo that came out called the Nintendo Switch. This is a Nintendo that you can play on the go or use the Dock that comes with it to play on your TV at home.

This is Nintendo’s way of changing the way people play. Since it is a game console that you can take on the road with you, that means that it must have a battery that needs to be charged before you can leave the house with it.

How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch Using the Dock

1. First, you need to plug the dock into the wall using the USB charger. It is best if you use the Charger that came with your Nintendo Switch and not a different one

2. To plug the charger into the Nintendo Switch you need to open the back panel on the Dock. The Dock is the rectangular shaped device that came with your Switch and has a slot in the top where you set the Switch. The back panel has an oval shaped Nintendo logo. Grab the top to open it.

3. In this back panel, you need to connect the USB charger that is plugged into the wall to the port that is labeled AC Adapter. The charging cable can then be ran through the small slot on the side of the dock to hold it in place and be able to close the back panel

4. You should also connect an HDMI cable from your Switch to your TV as well. This is not necessary to charge the Nintendo Switch, but it is if you want to be able to play it on your TV. While you have the back panel open, connect the HDMI cable to the port labeled HDMI Out and then connect the other end of the cable to an open HDMI port on your TV. Then run the cable through the small slot on the side on the dock to hold it in place and be able to close the back panel

5. Close the back panel and put the dock on a safe and solid surface. Make sure you have all the cables in place before you close the back panel on the dock. Make sure you have the dock facing the right direction and that you have plenty of space to slide the Switch in and out of the dock easily. The front of the dock has the Nintendo Switch logo on it

6. Finally, you want to put the Nintendo Switch inside the slot on the dock with the screen facing forward just like the Switch logo on the front of the dock. If the Switch is charging, a green light will light up in the bottom right corner of the Switch. If it does not light up, then you either don’t have power to the dock or the Switch isn’t in the proper position to charge correctly

How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch Using a USB Cable

1. Plug a USB charger into an outlet that has power. The best charger to use is the one that came with your Nintendo Switch, but you can use any regular USB charger

2. The charger that comes with your Nintendo Switch is a USB-C cable which has an oval shaped connector. It comes permanently attached to the wall charger, so if you are using a different cable you will also need the block as well

3. Now, just connect the USB charger to your Nintendo Switch. You connect the charger to the middle of the bottom of the Switch. It should begin to charge, and the green light should light up in the bottom right of the Switch. If you aren’t using the charger that came with the Nintendo, make sure you disconnect it as soon as it is fully charged.