One of the most annoying things that can happen is having a device that suddenly dies. Even though you can make huge efforts to ensure that they’re all charged, the minute you need them, they’re conveniently dead.

Although finding a charger or waiting until you get back to your charger is the best and safest option, there are ways for you to charge your device without a charger. Keep in mind, that these options might not be the safest, but if you’re looking for a science project or knowledge for survival, then here’s what you can do.

Charging a Battery without a Charger

Phone or Camera Battery

This method only works if you have a battery you can take out of your device.

1. Remove the battery from your device.

2. Get some AA, AAA, or 9 volt batteries because the power in these batteries isn’t any different from the power used to charge your phone or camera battery.

3. Look on each battery for the positive and negative connectors. They’ve usually labeled points on either ends of the AA, AAA, or 9 volt batteries, but you’ll need to locate the positive connector on the cell phone battery. The positive connector should be the one closest to the edge.

4. Add up the voltage of all your batteries and pick how many you need. Cell phone batteries need at least 4 volts to charge, so if each battery gives 1.5 volts, then you’ll need at least 3.

5. Tape the batteries together in a straight line with the positive side connected to the negative side.

6. Get a metal wire with plastic insulation. The insulation is very important so you don’t hurt yourself.

7. Cut the metal wire into two pieces.

8. Tape or clamp one side of each of the metal wires to both sides of your battery contraption.

9. Then, connect the other sides of the metal wires to the battery that you took out of your device. Understand, that the wires might get hot and you should set it down so that you don’t have to hold it the whole time.

The battery should charge, but it’ll take a while. Make sure the wires are connected properly because it can be very unsafe messing around with wires and voltage.

A Simpler Way

If you don’t have batteries and metal wire, or you don’t want to play around with voltage and metal, then there is something else you can try. This method also only works if you can remove the battery from the device.

Another way that you might want to consider charging your battery is by rubbing it. Have you ever done that as a kid? Taking the battery out and rubbing it between your hands might work, but it isn’t for the reason you think. Your hands are warm, and warmth often speeds up reactions. You’re rubbing the battery between your hands and creasing the temperature, so the battery’s conductivity is being improved. This method only gives you a few minutes of charge, so you should make the most of whatever power you get.

Hopefully, both of these methods serve you well in your time of need.