Themes, or wallpapers, are a wonderful bit of customization to your PS4’s main menu. It can add a bit of flair to an otherwise bland wallpaper, as well as add a bit of uniqueness to your gaming console. Show off your love for your favorite video game by changing your PS4’s wallpaper. You don’t know how? Well, it’s good you came here, because you’ll learn how.

Changing Your PS4’s Wallpaper

1. Start by powering on your PS4 either by pressing and holding the PlayStation button in the lower middle of your DualShock 4 controller or by pressing the Power button on the PS4. [NOTE]: If your PlayStation 4 isn’t powering on, check that the power cable has been connected properly. Also insert a USB cable into your DualShock 4 controller and console to ensure your controller is synced with the right controller.

2. Select the account you would like to change the wallpaper for. Each account will get its own wallpaper, so changing it for one will NOT change it for others.


3. Now, open your PS4’s Settings by moving up from the main dashboard to reveal additional options along the top of the dashboard. You’ll find “Settings” on the far right. It’s resembles a tool box.


4. In your Settings menu, scroll down until you’re highlighting Themes. Select it by pressing the “X” button.

5. Now, highlight Select Theme and select it by pressing the “X” button.


6. Select the wallpaper you would like to use by highlighting the wallpaper and pressing the “X” button. [NOTE]: The PlayStation 4 comes pre-installed with a handful of themes, mainly based on color, however, you can install additional themes or add your own.

Where Can I Get PS4 Wallpapers?

You can download and purchase additional wallpapers by visiting Sony’s PlayStation Store. Now, you can do so through the PlayStation Store, but you can make it easier on yourself by visiting the theme store directly rather than thumb through a bunch of menus. You’ll also need a network connection in order to access the PlayStation Store.

Here’s what you do:

1. Perform the same steps in the previous section, Steps 1 through 5.

Find in PlayStation Store

2. Now, rather than select a theme from what’s available already, scroll down to the very bottom. You’ll see the menu option “Find in PlayStation Store.” Selecting it will launch the PlayStation Store and send you directly to their library of themes.

Add Filter

3. Wallpapers on the PlayStation Store are both free and comes with a price tag. If you want to filter out the free ones, highlight “Add Filter” in the upper left corner of the menu and check “Free.”

Custom Themes


You may have noticed a “Custom” menu option in your Themes menu. You can setup up custom themes with pictures you’ve added through a USB or from your PS4’s own storage, like a fabulous screenshot.

Bottom Line

As you may have noticed, changing your PS4’s wallpaper is really easy. There are hundreds of themes you can download and purchases from the PlayStation Store. And if you feel like creating your own, you have that option.