When you originally created your Gmail account, it may have been with an address you now find outdated, rude, insensitive, or perhaps it doesn’t match a professional setting. Regardless of your reasons, changing your Gmail address revolves around the creation of a new one and setting up perimeters to forward emails from your previous account to your new one.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change your Gmail’s actual address unless you create an entirely new account. However, you can change the name associated with your account. Let’s take a look at the process of making the switch to a new account and the steps it takes to change the name associated with your Gmail address.

Making the Transition to a New Account

Once you’ve created a new account, you can set up your brand new Gmail address as a forwarding email for your old Gmail account.

1. First and foremost, creating a name account. Start by heading over to Gmail. If you’re signed in with your other account, sign out. At the login screen, click Create Account. It’s in the lower left corner.

2. Next, provide your First Name and Last Name.

3. Now create a username. This is going to be the username you sign in and your Gmail address.

Tip: Think really hard on a good, solid Gmail address. Consider what you’re using it for—personal or business—and let that help you decide. Something inappropriate might work as a personal Gmail address, but won’t do so well in a business setting.

4. Next, punch in a password. It needs to be ironclad, reinforced with steel. Don’t use personal information for your password and do not use a password from another account.

5. In the Confirm field, retype your password exactly as you typed it before, then click Next.

Tip: Click the eyeball icon—that’s Reveal—to reveal your password if you need clarity.

6. Google needs to send a code to make sure you’re a real person. You are, aren’t you? Good! Provide a phone number. Google will send a 6-digit verification code as a text message.

7. After the code is received, punch in the 6-digit code in the empty field and click Next.

8. Up next is your birthday and gender. You can also provide a recovery email address and a recovery phone number, but both are optional. In case you forget, you can always use your old Gmail account as a recovery account.

9. On the following page you will see Google’s Privacy and Terms. Read through them. When you get to the bottom, you can click I agree, provided that you do.

Your new Gmail account is now created! Now comes the really easy process of transitioning the newly created account as your main account.

10. Sign into Gmail with your old account.

11. Open Settings. Click the small gear icon in the upper portion of your inbox.

12. At the top you’ll see a bunch of tabs. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

13. At the top in the Forwarding section, click “Add a forwarding address.”

14. In the pop-up window, add your newly created Gmail account as your forwarding email address and click Next.

15. In your new Gmail account, a verification email will be waiting for you to finalize the process. From here on out, email sent to your old Gmail account will also arrive in your new Google account.

How to Change the Name of Your Email Account

While you technically can’t change the official Gmail address on your account, you can certainly change the name that’s associated with it. For example, Bob can’t change his email, which is [email protected], to [email protected] However, on Gmail other people see his username as “Bob Cool.” He wants to change that to “Bob Awesome.” And he absolutely can.

1. Start by visiting Google and signing in with your Gmail account. If you are already, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click Manage your Gmail Account from the drop down menu.

2. In the left-hand column, click Personal Info.

3. In the “Profile” section, click on Name.

4. Now, you’ll see your name listed as well as a small pencil icon to the right. That’s Edit. Go ahead and click it.

5. In the pop-up window, change your First Name and Last Name. Click Done when you’re satisfied. Afterwards, go back to your Personal Info page.

6. Scroll down to the section “Choose what others see” and click Go to About me.

7. Near the top, and to the right of your name, click Edit—the small pencil icon.

add a Nickname

8. In the pop-up window, you can add a Nickname. Use the drop down menu for “Display my name as” to choose how your nickname is seen. Click OK to finalize.

Bottom Line

It’s unfortunate that your Gmail address can’t be changed. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to create another Gmail account and you can have as many as you like. And if you didn’t, then perhaps the ability to change the name on your account was enough.

If you do create another Gmail account, remember to really think about what it is. Consider what you’re using it for—personal or business—and let that drive the naming process.