If you are looking up how to change your age on Bumble, then you probably know that it is one of the leading dating apps on the market alongside the app it was based on which is Tinder. Bumble is where more deep relationship seekers seem to be flocking to. Its like Tinder in the way that you match with other users by swiping left for no and right for yes.

The only main difference is that in opposite-sex matches the woman has to engage in conversation first before the man can say anything. It flips the game around from the usual way of doing things and this small change makes a huge difference in the interaction that happens between users which is why the ratio of female to male users is better than its counterpart.

There may be one of many reasons why you want to change your age on Bumble. Maybe you made a mistake when you were manually signing up for your Bumble account. Bumble used to require a link to your Facebook account to sign up and would build your profile off the age on your Facebook. Well, maybe you lied on your Facebook and now Bumble has the wrong age.

Maybe you told the truth on Facebook and are trying to appear younger than you really are on Bumble. No matter the reason, the method you will use to change your age on Bumble will depend on if your account was set up with a link to your Facebook or if you signed up using your phone number and manually set up your account.

How to Change Your Age On Bumble

If your age on your Buble account is wrong, people might be misled initially by your age and it could affect your swipe right rate. You need to make sure that you get is accurate so people have the correct age to go off of.

If you want to check your age on Bumble just so you’re sure it’s incorrect, you need to open the app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom left corner. Here, your age will be displayed.

Depending on how you made your Bumble account, editing your age will be different for you. This could be based on whether you signed up with Facebook, or you created your account manually. You’ll have to use different methods if you want to change your age on Bumble.

If You Linked Your Facebook Account

Initially, Bumble only allowed you to sign up using your Facebook account until they started to allow users to sign up with their phone numbers. Most of the current Bumble use an account that they created using Facebook. This means that your age on your bumble account would be the same as your age on your Facebook account.

If you made your account on Bumble with your Facebook account linked like they used to make people do, then you will need to change the age on your Facebook account before Bumble will do anything.

1. log in to your Facebook and go to the About page on your profile

Click on Contact and Basic Info

2. Click on Contact and Basic Info

3. Scroll until you see your birthday info and hover your mouse over the date you want to change

Click edit

4. Click edit

Make the changes you want to make and click Save changes

5. Enter the current birthday and click Save changes. This is where you need to select the correct birthday so that your age will be registered correctly. If you enter the wrong birthday here, then Facebook won’t register your birthday correctly and this wouldn’t be reflected on Bumble.

These Birthday Change Requests usually take at least 24 hours to take hold and the age change to be approved. Facebook will not notify you when the age change actually takes place which means you should keep an eye on it to know when it changes to your new age.

Also, Facebook doesn’t allow you to just change your age whenever you want, so when you change it you need to make sure that you do it right the first time. After you make the change to your Facebook age, Bumble should update automatically in the next few days. Bumble updates your age when there are changes so the correct age should reflect after changes are made, or when it’s your birthday.

If you want to change your age on Bumble without Facebook, then you’ll have to manually email Bubble support and let them know your issue. You can email them at [email protected] and they should be able to change your age for you without you having to use Facebook.

Manual Sign Up Account

If you signed up for Bumble with your phone number then you signed up manually and answered the question of how old you are in the process. The bad news about this is, that once you enter your age this way you can’t change it without writing an email to Bumble and asking them to change your age.

The email you need to send this to is [email protected] You just need to tell them that you got your age wrong when you were signing up. Just like on Facebook, Bumble probably won’t let you keep switching your age over and over.

To Request an age change on Facebook:

1. Go to the Bumble Support page on a web browser.

2. Enter the necessary steps and make sure to fill them out accurately.

3. Enter your correct age and birthday into the box that appears.

enter age

4. Select ‘Send Message’ to send the message to Bumble support. This will automatically send you an email with further instructions asking you to confirm that your birthdate is updated.

Enter Correct Age in Bio

If you still have the wrong age in Bumble, and trying to get it changed didn’t work, then you can enter your age correctly in your Bio on Bumble. Although this isn’t the correct age that’ll be shown in your profile, when people check your bio, they’ll be able to see that your age isn’t what is displayed in your bio.

If you don’t want to put the correct age in your bio, whenever someone matches with you, it’s best that you tell them your age correctly just so that they’re aware from the jump.

Can You Hide Your Age On Bumble?

If your age on Bumble is displayed incorrectly, unfortunately, there’s no way that you’ll be able to hide it because Bumble requires your age to be on your profile. If you don’t want your age to be shown because it’s wrong, then you can get this changed by editing your date of birth on Facebook or emailing support.