How to Change the Language on Your Kindle Fire

When you first fire up your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, it might be in a language that you don’t fully understand or perhaps you accidentally set the language of the Kindle Fire to something else, maybe you got it from someone else. Luckily for you, the option to change the language was not removed and can be changed at any time and as many times as you want.

It’s rather helpful, actually. If you’re someone that’s learning a new language, you may want to expose yourself to the language you’re learning. People do that all the time, like listening to radio stations in different languages or listen to audio files where the speakers are speaking a foreign language.

The Amazon Kindle Fire accommodates a wide arrange of languages, including languages that have nuisance, like regional dialects of the same language. So, make sure that–say you choose French–that you choose a regional format that fits yours.

Changing the Language of your Kindle Fire

1. Locate and launch the Settings app.

2. In the Settings menu, make your way down to the section “Personal” and choose Keyboard & Language below it.

3. In the Keyboard & Language menu, select Language at the top of the menu. From the Language menu, tap on the current language to open a drop down menu. You have the following options for language in the order they are presented:

  • German
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • English (United States)
  • Spanish
  • France
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese

4. Furthermore, some languages–such as United Kingdom and French, to name a few–have a Regional Format that you can choose from, which will open when you select a language that has different regional formats.

You can leave the Settings app–no saving necessary. The language on your Kindle Fire will change according to what you’ve chosen in your Settings app.

Changing the Language of Your Keyboard

1. Find and open the Settings app.

2. In the Settings menu, make your way down to the section “Personal” and choose Keyboard & Language below it.

3. In the Keyboard & Language menu, head down and select Current Keyboard. When a window appears, you’ll see a selection of different keyboards currently available on your Kindle Fire. To explore additional language options, or none are available, choose KEYBOARD SETTINGS.

4. At the very top of the Keyboard Settings menu, choose Customized Input Styles. When selected, you can choose another language style as well as the Layout. Select one and, when prompted, choose SAVE.

5. Now head back to the Keyboard & Language menu. Make your way down to Current Keyboard again, select it and choose the new language you saved in the previous step.

Once selected, your keyboard’s language will change according to the language you chose.

Bottom Line

As you can see, changing your language is fairly easy. There isn’t a mystery to it and the most you would need help with is navigating the menu if a particular language isn’t your strongest point. You may need a buddy that can read, say English, if you aren’t fluid in it.