How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

Many users have complained about certain reels coming up that they were not interested in seeing. Moreover, there have been many users with a desire to know if they can change their Instagram suggested reels.

Can You Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

Yes, you can change your suggested reels on Instagram. There isn’t a direct way to do this, but you can change your suggested reels by changing what you like and watch.

How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

There are many ways that you can change your suggested reels on Instagram. Changing your reels is similar to changing your algorithm when you’re searching the internet or if you’re filtering on a shopping website.

Just like changing your algorithm, when changing your suggested reels on Instagram, you are giving the app the notification of what you choose to see instead of what’s being presented to you. Let’s check out some of these quick and easy alternatives to change your suggestions! 

1. Change What You Like

The first alternative is a very simple procedure to take. And that simple procedure is to change what you like simply. When you create your Instagram page, the first action that comes to mind is to follow as many pages as possible.

And the pages you follow are the pages that spark your interest.

If you follow pages that spark your intrigue immediately, there will be other suggested videos and content available to you based on the pages you liked or followed.

When you follow a certain page and other pages that are similar to your interests, the Instagram app has a way of taking notes on its consumers.

Any post that you like, any content you archive or save, and any Instagram profiles that you follow will be a part of the app’s “memory”. We are not saying that Instagram is tracking your every move.

For you to continue viewing content that is interesting to you, the app memorizes what you prefer to see based on what you like so that content can continue to be viewed by you. 

With this considered, if you want to change your suggested reels on Instagram, the best way for you to change what you like it’s to start liking and viewing different content.

Once you start to view content that is outside the norm of what you normally view, the database for Instagram would be readjusted to allow you to view the new content that you are now liking and viewing. 

2. Don’t Watch Videos Til the End That You Don’t Like

Based on the suggested content that Instagram is giving you, your suggestions are not only generated by the content that you like and view but also by the video content that you watch all the way through.

Sometimes, when you come across a video or a reel that is interesting, or a source of content that you happen to stumble upon when you start playing the video, and you watch it all the way through, the app will detect that this is a source of content that you may prefer to see.

This will also automatically generate when you watch the same content repeatedly and watch the videos all the way through.

Whether you are watching the videos all the way through for a specific Instagram user or for many Instagram profiles, the information for this content will be added to the algorithm for your suggested reels. 

Now that you know how this works, if you want your suggested reels to change, one option to change them is to not watch all of the videos from beginning to end. This alternative is specifically for videos that you don’t necessarily like.

Remember, once the video is watched from beginning to end, the information for the content of the video will be in the database for Instagram. And that content would be a part of your suggestions.

2. Change What You Search For

One of the number one methods to follow through with if you want your suggested reels to change is to change what you are searching for on Instagram.

Some people fail to realize when you search for something specific, either if it’s on Google or on your Instagram, that information is saved in a specific database.

So, when you go to search for something similar to that topic or something adjacent, the information or content that would appear would be information or content that you normally search for. 

If you are looking to change your suggested reels, you may want to consider changing what you put in your search menu when you’re searching on your Instagram account. 

3. Change What You Click on Your Explore Page

Your Instagram Explorer page is an extension of your Instagram account that allows you to view content from other Instagram profiles. On your Explorer page, you can find content from people you currently follow as well as people you don’t have on your followers or following list. 

The accounts that are generated in your Instagram Explorer reveal content based on photos and videos you have previously liked. For example, let’s say that you are someone who enjoys working out.

And let’s add in that you enjoy watching body transformation videos showing people who track their progress.

If 80% of the content you like is based on body transformation and the other 20% is based on other random topics, you will most likely find content based on body transformation and your Instagram Explorer. That’s typically how that works.

Since your Instagram Explorer is full of additional content, whatever you tap on to view will now be a part of your algorithm. This also means that whatever you tap on to view in your Instagram explorer, that same content will appear in your suggested reels. 

So, suppose you are someone who watches a certain type of content repeatedly in your Instagram Explorer. In that case, once you start watching different videos that are outside of the norm, this will allow your suggested reels on your Instagram to change as well.

What Are Suggested Reels on Instagram Based On

Suggested reels on Instagram are exactly what they are… suggestions. Suggested rails are similar to having recommendations on YouTube.

Whatever content you click on the most or content you search for on the regular, your suggested rails would be based on that information.

This also goes for the type of people you follow, the content you post on your Instagram account, what you archive, and what ads you open on your Instagram account. Let’s dive into this information further to see exactly how it works.

1. What Videos You Normally Watch

The first instance is based on the type of videos you watch either repeatedly or once in a while. 

As soon as you open your Instagram application, pay attention to the first two to three videos that show up in your Instagram feeds. Most likely, you will be able to determine what all of those videos have in common.

And if you observe close enough, you will be able to see the common denominator of all of the videos.

The common denominator or similarity would be based on the type of content you prefer based on likes, who you follow, your searches, and so on and so forth.

If you take a moment to scroll down further in your feeds, you will begin to see other related videos based on your interest and what you seldomly watch as well. 

2. What You Like

What you like on social media says a lot about you as an individual and consumer. To like something on Instagram is like window shopping for shoes you’re hoping would be the perfect fit.

When you’re scrolling through your feeds, you will see content from people you follow and suggestions from people you could follow in the future. And some of the content you see would either be new or previously posted content.

But, if you enjoy the video or post in your feeds or your Instagram Explorer, your initial reaction would be to like the post. 

You liking a post on Instagram is a form of “social media currency”. Once you like the post, that is your way of purchasing to see more content similar to the video you just liked. 

As you see, everything is transactional, even on Instagram. Whatever content you like on Instagram will contribute to your suggested reels that show up in your feeds. 

3. Who You Follow

As it was mentioned earlier, who you follow also plays a major part in what shows up for your suggested reels.

To use a different scenario, if you follow individuals who live a more holistic lifestyle, the reels that will come up or content that is suggested will show individuals living a more plant-based lifestyle.

The people you follow on Instagram speak volumes, just like the content that you like. And just like the content that you like on Instagram, the people you follow contribute to your algorithm.

Based on the people that you follow on Instagram, this will allow your suggested reels to show information based on the interest of those individuals that you follow. 

4. What You Search For

Whatever you put in a search engine will develop results based on that search. And based on what you search for, that information will be detected and saved by the resource of the search engine.

In other words, whatever you search for in the Instagram search (Instagram being the resource of the search engine), that information will be saved by the Instagram system and will generate content based on what you have searched previously.

Whatever content you have previously searched on Instagram will contribute to the suggested reels that show up on your Instagram feeds.

5. What You Post

Just like the type of content that you like and the people you follow, the content that you post on your own Instagram account speaks volumes to your character and your interests. 

The system of Instagram has a pretty sneaky way of generating content based on the photos and videos that you post on your profile. If you post a specific type of content, the photos or videos that show up in your suggested reels will reflect the content you post on your Instagram. 

If you are an Instagram user that posts a lot of content based on the media and technology, your suggested reels will generate videos based on technology and the media.

So, as you can see, the content you like and the people you follow are not the only factors contributing to how your suggested reels are generated.

6. What You Save

Based on the content that you save on Instagram, some people may seem alarmed if they hear that Instagram generates content based on photos or videos they archive. Some people would consider the photos and videos they save as private.

Meaning they don’t want anyone to know that they have saved that photo or video. What has to be understood with this alternative is that your photos and videos that are saved from other followers and people you are following are still private.

No one on your followers or following list will be able to see the photos or videos that you save in your archive.

Although no one on your followers or following lists will be able to see this content, Instagram is aware of the type of content that you have saved.

So, if you have saved photos or videos that talk about spiritual enlightenment, most likely, your suggested wills will generate videos based on spiritual enlightenment. 

Based on the content that you archive on the regular, the app’s system will see this as a “heads up” to know what content to present to you for a suggested reel. 

7. What Ads You Click On

We all hate ads. Ads can be pretty evil, especially if you are watching a specific video or trying to view a certain image on social media.

Although ads can be very agitating, many people would tap on the advertisements to open them.

The advertisements that would appear on Instagram would most likely be connected to a post pertaining to something of your interest.

To open the advertisement, the accessibility would be indicated by a small banner located at the bottom of the screen of the post with the title “View Advertisement”.

Once the advertisement is open, you will be redirected to an Instagram account associated with that advertisement. Based on the content that is shown on that profile, you will have the option to follow that Instagram account.

However, whether you follow that Instagram account associated with the advertisement or not, if you open other advertisements that are similar, the app’s system would be notified of this activity and will generate content for your suggested reels based on the advertisements that you have previously taken a peek at.

How to Make Reels Like TikTok FYP

Instagram is full of incredible features. However, there are many Instagram users who want to know if they can make reels similar to the TikTok application, specifically, the TikTok For You Page. 

There is little action that can be done with this situation. That being said, the best thing to do is to wait for Instagram to update its real algorithm.

Each social media application has its own technical personality and technical traits that set it apart from others.

So, you may not be able to perform the same tasks or operations on Instagram as you would on TikTok. Typically, when there is a feature released for a certain application, that feature is specifically used just for that app. 

Besides, once your Instagram algorithm updates, you may have access to view and do more based on your updated algorithm. So, for this, patience is a virtue. 


As you can see from the information that is presented, there are a few ways for you to change your suggested reels on Instagram.

You have to start with changing what you like on social media, try not to watch all of the videos until the end, especially if it’s a video that you don’t like, and change what you are searching for.

And while you are changing what you’re searching for, be mindful of what you click on your Explorer page. Following these awesome actions will allow your algorithm to update. Once your algorithm updates, you will be able to see new content for your suggested reels. 

And along with knowing how to change your suggested reels on Instagram, there are many factors that contribute to what your suggested reels are based on.

Those contributions are typically the videos you watch regularly, the content you like, the people you follow, what you search for on Instagram, what you post on your page, the content you save and archive, and the advertisements you open. 

Understanding how your suggested reels are generated is quite interesting. However, knowing how to change your suggested reels is just as interesting.

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