Android phone users are able to use their devices “OK Google” voice activation command. What this does it opens the Google Assistant on their phone. This function has numerous useful features. Google Assistant can start music playlists, start TV shows, launch programs on your phone or computer, and can even control appliances or your lights in the house.

You can literally do all sorts of things with the use of Google Assistant. One thing it will not let you do is customize the OK Google voice activation phrase. The only variation they offer is Hey Google instead of OK Google. Google makes you say their company name before the Assistant will open for you.

There are a few thoughts on why they do this that have to do with marketing, but that doesn’t really matter. So, they don’t let you use phrases you come up with. There is a way to make this happen though. It just takes the use of a third party app. The nice thing about Google software is that it is easy for other developers to modify or hack it.

Luckily for you this means that you may be able to do this even though Google doesn’t want you to. You can actually make the voice activation command for the Google Assistant anything that you want it to be, which is pretty cool. Keep reading to find out exactly what you need.

Note- Make sure that you have the newest version of the Google app installed on your Android before you try any of these methods.

Method 1

The first method for customizing your Google Assistant voice activation command is using the app named Open Mic+. This app will add quite a few features to the Google Assistant. One example is that you can have offline voice recognition.

That’s not what you are looking for though. You are going to be using the feature that allows you to change the voice command that you use to open the Google Assistant. You will need to get this from the Amazon App Store.

The first thing you need to do is disable the hotword detection in your Google Now settings. This is a general instruction for Android so your settings may vary a little bit. If you follow these, you should be able to find your way on your device as well.

1. Open Settings

2. Scroll until you see Google and tap it

3. Then, tap Search, Assistant, & Voice

4. Tap Voice, and then Voice Match

5. Then switch off the “Access with Voice Match” toggle

Now, you need to open the Open Mic+ app.

1. Once you have the app open, tap on preferences sliders to open the settings

2. Tap on Hot Phrase

3. Now, type in the phrase that you want to use to open Google Assistant

4. When you are done typing your new phrase tap OK and then hit the return button

5. You should see a START button that is green

6. Tap that button and record your phrase and then hit STOP

7. After you have done this, a screen that actually records your phrase will show up and you need to hit the green PLAY button

8. Now you can say your phrase to open Google Assistant

Method 2

If the first method doesn’t work for you for one reason or another there is another way. It’s called Tasker. This app is not free and will cost you $2.99. It is worth the money if you are on your phone a lot and want an app that will add all sorts of features to your phone.

You will also need another app called AutoVoice. This app is free and is ad supported. The same developer makes both of these apps, so they work well together.

1. Open the settings on your phone and tap Accessibility

2. Find the AutoVoice Google Now Integration and Tasker

3. You will need to toggle the switches next to them to enable the functionality

4. Now, open the Tasker app and tap the plus sign

5. Then Add Event

6. A list will appear, and you need to choose Plugin then AutoVoice and Recognized

7. Tap the edit button next to Configuration and then tap The Hard Way

8. Tap on Speak Filter and record your new phrase

9. Tap the checkmark to exit

10. Now, tap on edit and then Speak Filter and say your new hotword

11. Then save the event and you are done

Now you will be able to say your new hotphrase and Google Assistant will work for you.