Not everyone understands or can read English or French or Spanish, and because of there being dozens of languages, you may feel more comfortable with one language over another. Thankfully, Facebook is all about supporting as many languages as possible – over 100, in fact. So, whether you’re better at reading in French or Spanish, Facebook’s got you covered.

Changing the language on Facebook is a pretty straightforward process for desktop, Android and iOS. However, changing languages is easier on desktop, but entirely different on mobile devices.

How to Change Language on Facebook with my Computer

If you want to change the language on Facebook while using a desktop, you can do so through the Settings, and getting there is like a walk in the park.

Here’s how:

1. Start off by opening your web browser and visiting Facebook’s homepage.

2. Sign in with your Facebook account, if you already logged in.


3. Now, look to the right side of your News Feed. You’ll see a few suggestions for pages and a few ads, however, if you scroll down far enough you’ll eventually see a small box with a few languages listed.

4. Click the + sign to reveal more language options.

Unfortunately, this is only a surface-surface level change. You can create unique language settings through Language and Region.

5.. At the top, to the right of your search bar, there’s a few icons. To the right of Quick Help – the question mark icon – there’s a very tiny, black triangle. Click on it. A drop down menu will be revealed.

6. In the drop down menu, click Settings. It’s in the bottom-half of the menu.

7. On the left-hand side you’ll see menu options broken into sections. Near the middle, click Language and Region.


6. Change the language of Facebook by clicking Edit next to Facebook Language.

Note: If Facebook can’t translate certain text for your primary language, you can choose a secondary language Facebook can fallback on.

7. If you want, say, your friends and pages to appear in a different language, you do that under the section “Posts from friends and Pages.”

8. You can get creative with your posts by utilizing Multilingual posts. This will add several versions of your status in different languages. Click Edit to turn it ON.

How to Change Language on Facebook with Android & iOS

Changing the language using the Facebook app – both Android and iOS – it’s, essentially, the same process only repurposed for an app environment.

Here’s how:

1. Start off by launching Facebook on your Android or iOS – the icon with a white “f” against a blue backdrop.

2. Log in with your Facebook account, if you aren’t already signed in.

3. In the top right corner of your screen – bottom right corner if you’re using an iOS device – there’s a menu icon, the three horizontal lines. Tap on that menu icon.


4. Scroll down the Facebook menu until you come to Settings & Privacy. Tap on it to reveal additional menu options.

For iOS: If you’re using the iOS version of Facebook, you scroll to Help & Settings, instead. Below that you’ll see Language.

5. Under Settings & Privacy, choose Language.


6. Choose your language from among the list of over a 100 languages.

The downside to changing the language via the Facebook app, unlike the desktop version, you don’t have access to extra language settings, like Multilingual posting.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re using a language you’re more comfortable reading, navigating Facebook should be a lot easier. Should you ever want to change your mind, simply follow the same steps to choose another language.

And if you ever want to have a bit of fun, consider changing the language to Pirate. It translates text into nautical terms. It’s a lot of fun and plenty of opportunity for a good laugh.