You’re rushing to print a document and it doesn’t print, leading you to panic. Attempting to print something and getting no reaction from your printer is one of the most annoying things to deal with and it could mean a few different things. You might want to look for a paper jam or low ink; however, most likely you’re dealing with an offline printer if you don’t get any notifications about a technical issue.

To fix this issue, all you have to do is change the status of the printer from offline to online, but you might be in a jam if you have no idea how to do that. Here’s how you change your HP printer status from offline to online.

How to Know if your Printer is Offline

Figuring out if your HP printer is offline shouldn’t be too difficult.

One way to find out if you’re printer is offline is by looking at the menu. You should be able to navigate to the settings menu by tapping the downward arrow and then the icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. On some models, there’s a button you can select to enter the Start menu, where you can also see if the printer is offline.

If you can’t navigate to the menu, look to see if the cables are attached correctly.

How to Change your Printer from Offline to Online

Using your Computer to Make it Online

There is a super easy way to change your printer from offline to online, and it works if your printer is connected to your computer.

1. Open the “Devices and Printers” folder on your computer. If you search for it in your file manager, then you can use the search function to locate it.

2. In the folder, find the icon for your printer and it should be labeled with the name of the printer. Right click on it. A menu will appear on the screen.

3. On the menu, select “Printer” and a new window will open on the screen that’ll help you see the details of your printer.

4. On the Printer menu, uncheck the option that says, “Use Printer Offline.”

Checking the USB Cables and Connection

It’s also important to make sure that the cables you use with your printer are inserted securely. For example, if you use Ethernet cables, then ensure that it’s connected in the Internet port and your printer.

Also, make sure that it’s a strong Wi- Fi connection when you’re using a wireless printer. Even if the connection is low, then the printer might have some issues communicating and printing. If there’s an issue, ensure that the router isn’t blocked by anything.

If all of these are fine, then try removing all the print jobs so that you can restart your printer and try to get it working. This should help your printer start working again and it’s also super easy to do.

Now, anything that was in the queue will print.