If you listen to music a lot and you don’t like the quality of your iPhone’s speakers, then you may like to frequently connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to your iPhone. This will allow you to listen to music with your preferred speaker which normally provides you with a better quality than your iPhone speaker.

During this Bluetooth connection, you may receive calls frequently and your iPhone will route the call to your Bluetooth speaker automatically before you have the option of changing it. If you’ve changed the option accidentally and you want the call to go to your iPhone external speaker or you want it to go to your Bluetooth speaker, you have the option to change this.

Changing Call Audio Routing on iPhone

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone. This is where you’re able to change anything on your device from and it’s usually found on the home screen.


2. Tap on Accessibility. This is where you can change settings that will make your iPhone accessible for anyone.


3. Go to Touch.

Call Audio Routing

4. Scroll down to Call Audio Routing. The options available will determine where audio will be heard during a phone call or FaceTime audio. The default setting is Automatic, which means all of your calls will go to your iPhone’s internal speaker, or to a Bluetooth device if you have one connected.

5. Bluetooth Headset means that the call will be outputted to the Bluetooth device such as your headphones or hearing aid. If you select this option selected but if you don’t have a Bluetooth Headset connected, calls will automatically be routed to your iPhones ear speaker.

6. Speaker means that the calls will be routed to your loudspeaker.

Change Audio Routing During a Call

During calls, you also have the option to change where the audio is being routed to. This is useful if you don’t want to use the option you set in settings and you want to change where the audio is going just for now. Also, if you want the call the be heard by multiple people, then you may want to change the output to speaker just for one call.


1. During a call, tap the Audio button on the top right.

preferred device

2. Tap on your preferred device from the options available.