How to Change Brightness on Hisense TV

How to Change Brightness on Hisense TV

Adjusting your settings, specifically your brightness, is the best way to ensure you are getting the best views. Adjusting your brightness can be done through various methods depending on the model and make of your television.

In this article, we will be focusing on the HiSense television model and using three different methods for adjusting the brightness depending on what you have at hand during the process.

How to Change Brightness on Hisense TV

1. In Picture Settings

To start off with adjusting the brightness to your television screen, you would need to be able to access the picture and brightness settings on your TV.

Finding the settings on your TV is simple and they can generally be found using the Settings button that is found on the remote control of the television that you are trying to adjust.

Once this Settings button is located and can be accessed, choose the option “Picture Settings”. Clicking on this option will pop up various settings regarding the picture and screen. Locate “Brightness” within these options and choose it.

Once on the Brightness option, play around with the brightness levels and adjust them as needed. Make sure that the brightness is up to your standards and needs. This setting can always be adjusted if you do not feel satisfied with the results.

How to Turn Brightness Up on Hisense

Aside from using a remote control, there are other ways to adjust your screen brightness. These ways include using either the physical buttons found on the side of your TV or even going to the extent of using a substitute Remote App that can take the place of your actual remote.

Either way you use will have different processes that need to be taken in order to be able to adjust the brightness on your TV. Follow the instructions below in order to adjust your brightness depending on what method is most suitable to you and what you have on hand.

1. Using the Physical Buttons on the TV

Let’s start off with using the physical buttons on the TV in order to adjust the brightness. Finding the physical buttons on your TV is also a simple process. Buttons on televisions such as Menu, On/Off and Volume can easily be found on the side of the television.

Once those buttons are located, find the Menu button on the side of your television. This button will lead you to various general options regarding the general settings of your television.

Locate the setting with the title “Picture Brightness”. This setting will take you to the adjustment of the brightness of your TV. When you find yourself at this setting, adjust the brightness up or down depending on your preferences on the brightness of your TV.

After the brightness is adjusted to your personal preference, exit the menu using the same button to save and confirm the adjustment.

Once this is done, make sure that you test out the brightness of TV screen and see if the changes that you have made are to your preference. Not to worry, these changes can always be modified if the results is not something you are satisfied with.

2. Using the Remote App

In the scenario that you want to have access to a remote control as well as its settings but DO NO have a physical remote control on hand, many TVs nowadays give their users access to a remote control that can be downloaded as an app on your mobile device.

In order to do this, go ahead and find your mobile device’s app store whether that be the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Search for “Hisense Remote App” and choose the first app that appears during your search. Download the app and proceed with the setting up steps that are shown on screen. Once the app is ready to go and ready to get started, you will be needing the television model number.

This model number can be found at the back of your television. Once you have the television model on hand, input this information into the app and make sure that everything looks good.

Synching with the television will come next and if everything is correct, then your remote control will be synched with your television and you can start using it just like you would with any other physical remote control.

This being said, since the remote control app for your TV works just like any remote, follow the previously mentioned steps in order to be able to adjust your brightness settings.

Again, to do this, find the Settings button on your remote app. Once you’re at the TV Settings, locate the Brightness option and adjust as needed.

This will entail following the same instructions for brightness adjustment as when using a physical remote. Locate the Menu button on the remote app.

Once this button is found, click on the button and open the settings menu. This settings menu will lead to settings where you will click on the option for Picture Settings.

Once clicked on, scroll to the bottom of the Picture Settings menu and click on the Brightness preference button to begin with the adjustment.

Change the brightness here to your preference and make sure to test out the brightness prior to confirming the changes. Once everything is to your preference, click on Save and confirm the changes that have been made to brightness settings.

Brightness Won’t Change Hisense TV?

If there is a case in which none of the previously mentioned worked for you in adjusting your TVs brightness, there are various troubleshooting steps that you can take in order to fix these issues.

1. Unplug for 60 Seconds Then Plug Back In

The first troubleshooting step that you should take in order to fix the issue with not being able to adjust the brightness on your TV is trying to unplug your TV and then plugging back in.

This is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. Go ahead and find the plug on the back of your TV. Once located, unplug the TV from the outlet source. Wait 60 seconds and once that time has passed, go ahead and plug the TV back into the outlet.

Turn your TV back on and follow the previous steps using either your remote control, TV buttons or remote app to adjust the brightness on your TV. If this troubleshooting solution does not solve your problem, move on to one of our next troubleshooting solutions.

2. Reset Picture Settings

If the troubleshooting solution above did not solve your issue with the brightness adjustment, perhaps it is time to reset your picture settings on your TV.

Resetting your TV will allow for any issues to be erased and reset that could include any issues that may be going on with your brightness settings.

In order to start the reset process for your TV, go ahead and start by turning on your TV using your remote control or remote app and press on the Home button.

1. Once at the Home screen of your TV, find the button with a gear symbol. This gear symbol will lead to your TVs settings.

2. Click on the Device Preference option once you have entered your TV’s settings menu.

3. Scroll down and highlight Picture and make sure to click ok. Once there, press down and an option to Reset to Default should appear.

4. Click this and confirm with an ok to ensure the option is saved. This is it! You have reset your Hisense TV’s picture settings.

Once this reset has been made, your TV should reset picture settings to default and once this process is completed, your TV should turn back on automatically.

3. Update TV

If you’re reading this, it is most likely because the previous two troubleshooting solutions did not solve your issue with not being able to adjust your TV’s brightness.

Try this next step. Sometimes resetting just your TV’s picture settings is not enough and will also require for a TV update to be done as well.

TV updates allow for any software and firmware to be updated and for your television to download the required updates to keep your TV working properly including any settings that may be having issues such as your issues with the brightness settings.

1. Updating the software of your Hisense TV should be just as easy as a few clicks and should not take too long.

2. Start off by going once again to your TV’s settings using the same steps that you took in the last troubleshooting solution.

3. Once at your TV’s settings, navigate the settings menu until you find the Support option.

4. After finding the support option, scroll down to the third option where you will find the option to confirm a System Update.

5. Click Check Firmware Update once you are there.

If your TV detects that an update is found and is needed, the update will go ahead and install automatically on your TV. Updates on TVs make sure that any missing firmware or software or even outdated ones are up to date and can fix lots of issues within TVs such as not being able to make adjustments to settings like the TV’s brightness.

4. Reset TV

If neither a settings reset nor an update to your Hisense TV fixed the issue regarding the brightness adjustment, it may be necessary to completely reset your television. Follow a few simple steps to go ahead and completely reset your TV.

1. Start off by pressing Menu on Hisene TV remote control or remote app.

2. Select support and then proceed to confirm the selection that you made by pressing Enter.

3. Some remote control models may have an Ok button instead of an Enter button so do not feel discouraged or lost if you cannot find it.

4. Once there, find the option of Self Diagnosis and confirm your selection by pressing Enter once more.

5. Scroll to the last selection in this submenu where you will be prompted to Reset Your TV.

6. Once this selection has been made, the system will proceed to ask the user to enter a security PIN in order to confirm the request being made.

If you have never customized a PIN for your TV, do not worry. All Hisense TVs have a default PIN of 0000 in the case being that the user never set a PIN at the initial set up of their TV.

If you have changed account details such as the PIN and do not remember what the PIN is, you will have to contact a Hisense representative in your area in order to get that information and proceed with resetting your TV.

Otherwise, proceed with entering your PIN and resetting your TV to its factory settings. TV will turn on automatically once the factory settings have been reset.

5. Close Curtains

If none of the previous troubleshooting solutions have fixed your issue with adjusting your TV’s brightness, perhaps the issue can be found outside of your television screen and system.

There may be various outside factors that are messing with your TV’s brightness and the way your screen may look to you. One of the most common factors with brightness issues outside of system errors are nearby curtains that may be causing the issue.

If there are any nearby curtains or windows that are letting in extra sunlight, you may have found the root of your brightness issue.

If possible, go ahead and start by closing the curtains that are nearby. If this is not the case and there is an open window with no curtains near your TV, perhaps try adding black out curtains that keep as much sunlight out from the room as possible.

Check your TV and see if these changes have made a difference to how your TV’s brightness and how the screen is viewed.

If none of these solutions have made a difference to your brightness, perhaps try moving your screen around or moving it to a different location in your house that is far away from any windows or direct sunlight.

Once more, if none of these solutions have fixed your issue with your Tv’s brightness, it is time to move on the last and final step.

6. Contact Hisense

If you have tried all of the previously mentioned troubleshooting solutions that have been provided above, then there is one last resort that every user can try in order to receive one on one attention from an expert.

Luckily getting ahold of an expert or a direct representative from the company Hisense is much easier than expected. To obtain any sort of information on warranty or troubleshooting solutions, you will need to contact Hisense customer service via their phone number to their Hisense Consumer Electronics Care Center.

The number to call is 1-888-935-8880. This number is available for support and service Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern time. This customer support line is also available during the weekends on Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

If calling and waiting for a direct customer support agent is not up your alley, Hisense also has various online support options for you to try and receive the support you need.

One of those options is the Hisense email service that any user can access via the email [email protected] during the same hours as mentioned above.

The other option would be to access the Hisense website at where you can a Frequently Asked Questions section and search up any questions that may be on hand. Hisense makes these troubleshooting and support options easy to access for any users that may be going through any issues with their Hisense products.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can adjust the brightness on your TV depending on what you have at hand. Whether you use your remote control, the physical buttons on the side of your TV or even go to the extent of downloading an app to have access to a remote control, following the steps of adjusting the brightness is a simple and easy process.


In summary, adjusting your brightness on your TV requires a few steps such as locating your TV settings, finding the Picture Settings option and then adjusting your TV’s brightness from there later to confirm those changes made.

It is important to note that if these steps are followed and you are still unable to make any changes to your TV’s brightness, there are also troubleshooting steps that the user can take in order to overcome those issues.

From updating your TV to resetting your settings to Hisense customer support, accessing these troubleshooting solutions is also a simple process that should not take too much of your time. All in all, problems that may arise with Hisense TV’s brightness can be fixed in many ways and should not stop you from enjoying your Hisense TV!

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