Landlines are mainly used within homes to call international numbers and that’s usually where international calls come from since trying to call someone using a general number can result in a heft charge, so the best way to go about this would be to use your landline.

Although landlines are usually made to make international calls, it can usually mislead people to thinking that making calls to mobile numbers on landlines are another challenge when they’re just as easy as making calls from another mobile phone.

Note: If you have a corded landline, your handset will be health together by a cord and it can only move as far as the cord stretches so to make calls with it, you’ll need to lift it from the base before you attempt to call a mobile number. If you have a cordless landline, you just need to take it off from the base in order for your calls to be connected. Any handsets that are still connected to the base won’t be able to connect calls.

How To Call A Mobile Number From A Landline?

Before you make a call to a mobile number, you need to make sure that you have the information for the location of the number that you’re trying to call. International calling to mobile numbers requires the assigned country and area codes. If you’re making local calls, you don’t need to know the area code of the mobile phone that you’re trying to call. This doesn’t count if the location that you’re trying to call has more than one area code, you will need to use the area code and phone number.

To make calls to mobile numbers with your landline:

1. Retrieve the handset from the cradle or base

2. Listen for the dial tone to indicate that you can make a call

3. Dial the appropriate numbers making sure to include area codes if needed

4. Listen out for the tone that’ll indicate that the call is trying to connect

5. If the call connects and the person picks up the call, you’ll be able to speak to them

In terms of calling people, your landline and your mobile phone are the same thing and work no different to each other…. in terms of calling someone. The only wireless part of a mobile phone is the signal to the tower… once at the tower, it transfers to the copper and fiber network, just like a regular landline unless you dialed to another mobile phone, then a quick ping is broadcasted to find that phone and the closest tower to the phone, your connection is routed to that tower, and hoorah, the wireless technology reaches out to the mobile phone you’re trying to connect to..and then, the person you’re trying to call receives the incoming call and you’re able to speak to them.