Converting your hard copy DVDs to a software version can make accessing and managing your DVDs much easier. Managing your DVDs is no longer limited to the apps built-in to your computer.

You can now burn or convert video files of most any format using HandBrake, an open source tool for video file conversion. If you would like to expand your options for handling your DVDs, this tutorial will show you how using Handbrake on Mac.

Install Handbrake On Mac

Converting hard copies of your favorite DVD to a soft file means you can stream the DVD to all of your Apple devices. Burning DVDs on Mac has always been done using the built-in Apple app for DVDs that opens when you insert a DVD into the disk drive.

You can also install Handbrake 1.2.2 for Mac OS X 10.11 or later to burn your DVDs for free! To use Handbrake, you must first download and install it onto your Mac. To install Handbrake on your Mac, follow these steps:

1. Go to Handbrake (Don’t download Handbrake from any other source to make sure the software is safe and secure.)

download the HandBrake software to your Mac

2. Click the read button to download the HandBrake software to your Mac.

You should get a downloading screen that provides the information about the software (see above).

a Handbrake pineapple icon will appear on your Dock

3. After the download is complete, a Handbrake pineapple icon will appear on your Dock. A window will also appear with a blue folder icon and the software pineapple icon. Click on the pineapple icon to open the HandBrake interface on your desktop:

When the HandBrake menu interface appears, choose your settings for Audio, Video, Dimensions, Chapters, Subtitles, Filters, and Summary.

4. After you have chosen your settings, you can add a DVD to the Queue by selecting Add to Queue.

If you want to decrypt commercial DVDs, install libdvdcss version 1.2.12 along with HandBrake. This software enables a bypass around the Content Scramble System (CSS). When you install HandBrake for the first time, it will prompt you for additional decrypting software. You may also get a download option for libdvdcss version 1.2.12. Run the installer to install libdvdcss version 1.2.12 on your Mac.

5. Now, insert your DVD into the disk tray and launch HandBrake

6. The HandBrake dialogue box will prompt you to select a file. When the file is selected, a preview window will appear.

7. Also, once you select the file you want to burn, a title of the longest track will be entered by default. However, you can change the title by going to the pop up next to Title and selecting an item to encode.

8. If you have problems burning the DVD, got to Title and check next to the title.

9. Choose File > Open Source (Title) in HandBrake.

10. Choose your DVD

11. Enter the title number in the box

12. Select Open Title. Now it’s time to choose a presets, or your encoding settings for Mac.

13. The presets are available in HandBrake as the Preset Drawer. To access them on Mac, press The Command + T shortcut keys to access it.

The Drawer will present as Devices, Matroska, Web, Production, or General

14. The Drawer will present as Devices, Matroska, Web, Production, or General.

15. Now that you have chosen your Presets, tweak your settings. Adjust the Audio, Decombing/deinterlacing, and Subtitles according to your needs.

16. Next, tag the DVD with metadata. Several video-encoding apps are available on the Internet that you can use, such as NetaX, Video Monkey, or iFlicks.

17. If you want, you can also make a cover for the DVD along with tags.

18. When you are finished making your new DVD, add it to your iTunes library where it can be streamed to other devices.

Note: By making copies of the copyrighted DVD, or converting the DVD to another format, it should be for your own personal use as the owner of the DVD. However, making copies to distribute could be prohibited. If your operation crashes while burning, it may be that your DVD is rigged to prohibit copying. Or, it could happen if the DVD you are trying to burn has several episodes. In this case, start the process over. If it crashes again, it may be that it is copy-protected and that you won’t be able to burn it.

Contact Apple Support

If you have not been able to burn your DVD on Mac by using these steps, you can contact Apple Support or the Genius Bar for more help.