How to Block Whatsapp Number Without Them Knowing

How to Block Whatsapp Number Without Them Knowing

What if you wanted to block them without them knowing? Will they know? The truth is no one actually knows that you have blocked them. It’s based on assumption. Many people want to know if it is possible to block on WhatsApp. Well, let’s find out!

Can You Block WhatsApp Numbers Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can block a WhatsApp number without the other person knowing. To block a contact on WhatsApp is actually pretty simple.

And as it was mentioned earlier, when you block someone on WhatsApp, the other person will not actually know. It’s more so of a guessing game for the other person when you block them.

In most cases, the other person would not know that you have blocked them unless you tell them directly. 

The second alternative for blocking a contact on WhatsApp, it’s to simply open a chat of the primary contact that you want to block from your list, tap on their name and then select the block option.

When you block the desire to contact on your list, the other person will not receive any notification, nor will they be aware that you have blocked them.

So, if you are wondering if the other person will know once you have followed through with blocking them, the other person would not know a thing.

How to Block WhatsApp Numbers Without Them Knowing

Now that you know that the other person will not be aware if you blocked them along with knowing how to block them, there are some other alternative methods you can pursue if you want to block them in other ways without them knowing. 

Some of those methods include putting your phone on silent, turning off your internet connection, notifying the contact that your phone will only be used for professional purposes, providing them with another number, and putting your phone in airplane mode. 

These are some useful alternatives that you can resort to if you want to ensure the person you want to block does not contact you by any means. Let’s proceed to check out the first method! 

1. Put Your Phone On Silent

 Placing your phone on silent is a great way for you to ignore phone calls and text messages, especially if you don’t want to communicate with a particular contact on your contacts list.

If you are an Android consumer, to place your device on silent, you will proceed with the following steps: 

1. Using your finger, swipe downward from the very top of your screen to reveal your settings buttons.

2. To reveal all of the buttons, you may have to swipe down once more on the first row of buttons that will appear.

3. From here, you will see the option for Do Not Disturb. Tap on the option for do not disturb. 

4. After selecting the option, tap on Total silence. From this point, you will have the option to select the duration of the silent setting.

5. Once the duration is set, tap on done. Your phone calls and notifications from apps will not make any noise. 

Another way for you to silence your Android device is by simply toggling the Ringer control button just above the power button to silent mode.

For some Androids, you may have to toggle the button to the center for silent, and for other Android devices, you will toggle the button downward for silent.

Also, for Android users, you can utilize the volume rocker by turning your volume all the way down until you see the notification on your screen that your sound is completely off.

Depending on the model of your device, this will be indicated by a bell icon with a line slashed through it.

If you are using an iPhone / iOS device, to silence your device, you will proceed with the following steps:

1. Open your device settings and then go to accessibility and then tap on touch.

2. Scroll downward to the bottom and then select the option for back tap.

3. From here, you will see the option that says double tap. Tap on it and then select mute underneath the category for system.

4. Finally, double or triple tap on the back of your device to turn the silent mode on and off. 

The steps that were mentioned above for iPhone / iOS devices or steps to utilize without using any switches on your phone.

To utilize the switch on your phone to toggle your silent mode on and off, it’s simply by adjusting the Ring / Silent toggle located on the left side of your device. 

As it was mentioned, switching your device to silent is a great way for you to ignore notifications via text and from other apps, that includes WhatsApp.

When your device is on silent, you will not be notified of any incoming messages from a particular contact or any contacts on WhatsApp. 

2. Turn Off Your Internet

If you are looking to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing, this next alternative is also pretty simple to follow through with. And that is simply to turn off your internet connection.

Your internet connection is the blood flow that fluctuates through your apps in order for them to operate properly. Without an internet connection, your apps will not be able to function.

So, what better way to reject notifications from a particular contact on WhatsApp than to shut off or disable your internet connection?

To disable your Wi-Fi, if you are using a Wi-Fi signal, you will proceed with the same steps above, which is to use your finger to scroll down to reveal the first row of settings buttons.

But instead of your data, if you are using a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon will be highlighted. Tap on the Wi-Fi icon to disable your Wi-Fi network on your device. This will automatically disconnect you from the internet signal of the network you are using.

Disabling your internet connection can be a nifty way for you to block or reject certain contacts on WhatsApp. They can’t reach you if you’re not connected to an internet source, right?  

3. Tell Them That You’ll Only be Using the Phone to Answer Work Calls

For this next approach, you will need to utilize direct communication with the individual. For this next alternative, if you want to block them without them knowing, you can simply notify them that you will only be accepting phone calls for work only.

The good thing about using this method is that you are in control of the duration of how long you want this to last.

You can simply tell the other person that you will not be taking any personal phone calls for two days or two weeks. And since it is your personal device, they would have to adhere to that information.

If they don’t, this will be considered an interruption which may possibly lead to an eruption. In other contexts, if the other person doesn’t adhere to this information and take heed to what you’re requesting, this could lead to a volcanic argument.

Overall, if you are someone who has a busy schedule or someone who just wants to take a break from certain contacts, utilizing this method puts you in control.

So, if you don’t want to go through the steps of readjusting your settings in your device at the risk of forgetting to change them back, you can simply reach out to the individual you want to block to let them know that you will not be taking any personal phone calls.

4. Give Them Another Number For A Phone You Never Answer

If you want to block someone without them knowing, you can also provide them with a phone number for a device that you never use. 

This is something that is typically common amongst single bachelors and bachelorettes that have been out on the dating scene for more than a little while.

If they aren’t interested in someone and don’t want them calling their primary device, they would provide an alternate phone number that they will not answer.  

You can also utilize this method for contacts that you have on WhatsApp. If there are certain people on WhatsApp that you do not want to contact, if you have an active phone number on a device that you barely use, you can provide them with that phone number.

Also, if you have a calling app on an alternate device, you can provide them the phone number from the calling app instead. 

5. Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

Utilizing airplane mode has been a credible alternative for many Android and iOS consumers. So, if you want to block someone on WhatsApp without them knowing, airplane mode can be your best friend. 

To access your Airplane mode on your iPhone:

1. From the Home screen on your device Settings.

2. Tap the option for Airplane Mode. Switch to toggle to turn on or off. Also, Airplane Mode can also be adjusted from the Control Center on your device.

3. For Android consumers, you will proceed with the following steps:

4. First, you will open your Settings app on your device.

5. Next, please navigate to the section for network and internet and tap on it to open.

After the properties for network and internet are open, you will see the section for airplane mode. From this point, you will have the option to toggle the switch on or off to enable or disable airplane mode.

If You Did Block Them on WhatsApp, What Will They See?

Typically, when you block someone on WhatsApp, there isn’t really anything special that happens. However, there are a few things that do occur when you block someone on WhatsApp.

First, your display picture will disappear from sight. Also, your status will disappear and no one will be able to know if you are online.

And if they attempt to send you any message on WhatsApp, the individual will only get a single tick mark, and this tick mark will never become a double mark, nor will the tick become blue.

Final Thoughts

Having WhatsApp as a secondary form of messaging is an incredible resource to use. But what if you are not available to answer any notifications from specific contacts and you want to block them without them knowing?

Well, you have many alternatives to utilize if you are looking to block one of your contacts on the sly. And with these alternatives, you wouldn’t have to worry about your phone buzzing off the walls.

You have the option to turn off your Wi-Fi or data connection or WhatsApp, use airplane mode, and provide an alternate number to a device you almost never use.

Overall, for the consumers that want to know if someone will know if they are blocked on WhatsApp, the other person will never know that you have blocked them. This will be more of a guessing game.

Whatever alternative you decide to proceed with, these are effective methods to utilize without your contacts catching on to what you have done. Following through with this information is quick, fast, and easy to flow with.

Trust me, using these methods are great ways to avoid unwanted conversations explaining to your contacts why they were blocked when it’s simply your business.

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