Always being reachable isn’t a good thing. There are times where you don’t want to be contacted by someone either because it’s not a healthy situation or you have completely no interest in them. Whatever the case, the best part of this is that you can always block someone when you don’t want them to contact you. Whatsapp is a communication platform and a lot of people use it for international calls or even calls with their friends.

They have a blocking feature that allows you to prevent people from contacting you and prevents them from being able to text you or call you. Blocking someone on WhatsApp means that you won’t be notified when they try and contact you. To them whenever they ring you, it’ll seem as if it’s ringing like normal and nothing will tell that they’ve been blocked which is why you’re not answering their calls.

What Happens When You Block Someone On WhatsApp

When you block someone on WhatsApp, they aren’t able to call you, text you or see your status changes. Whenever they try to call you, it’ll ring normally for them but it won’t go through. Whenever they text you, it won’t be delivered, it’ll only show one checkmark and not two to show that it’s been delivered. When you’re online, they won’t be able to see that you’re online.

They’ll Never Actually Know That You Blocked Them On WhatsApp

If you block someone on Whatsapp and they try to call or text you, they’re not going to see anything on their end that’ll let them know that you’ve blocked them. To them, it’s going to seem as if you didn’t block them so they’ll never know that you have. If they call you, it’s going to ring like normal but they’re not going to get any alerts such as it going to voicemail that they’ve been blocked – it’ll just seem like you haven’t blocked them. The same goes for if they’ve texted you, although the text won’t be delivered, it would’ve been sent – this will either lead them to think that your phone is turned off or that you have no signal so messages aren’t being delivered to you.

For someone who really suspects that you’ve blocked them on WhatsApp, they may actually notice some things on their end that’ll really indicate that you’ve blocked them such as them not being able to see your status or their texts never being delivered to you, but they’ll never be 100% sure. For all they know, your phone could be dead, you could be ignoring their calls, you’ve deleted WhatsApp, or you have no service.

It’s harder for someone to suspect that you’ve blocked them the fewer times that they try to text you. Since texting is one of the major giveaways that you’ve blocked someone on WhatsApp since their texts aren’t showing the two ticks, then you’ll only be safe from them thinking that you’ve blocked them when they don’t keep texting you. Because if they keep texting you only for your messages not to be delivered to you, then they’ll know that you’ve blocked them. On the other hand, if they’ve only texted you once or twice for example, and it hasn’t been delivered, they’re not going to suspect that you’ve blocked them. They’re either going to think that your phone has no service, your phone is dead, or you haven’t paid your phone bill.

How to Block Someone’s On WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

The best way to stop someone from thinking that you’ve blocked them on WhatsApp if you don’t want them to contact you anymore is to not block them. The easiest way for someone to suspect that you’ve blocked them is to block them because all the signs will show – this is especially true for when they text you and it doesn’t deliver and for when they look at your status. But if you don’t block them, then they can’t suspect that you’ve blocked them.

If you can’t help but block them on WhatApp, the best thing you can do for them not to suspect it is to make sure that they’re not blocked on anything else. For example, blocking them on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat will help them solidify the fact that you’re not keen on them and you don’t want them to contact you. However, when you don’t block them on other platforms, it makes them question if you have blocked them on WhatsApp because if you didn’t want them to contact you, why would you have them on other platforms?