Twitter is a platform that allows you to receive breaking news in a more fun way. This can be done by looking at your feed, following celebs, and looking at trending hashtags. With Twitter, you can interact with friends by liking and retweeting their contact, sharing your own tweets, and messaging people.

Unlike other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram that are more social, Twitter is that, and a breaking news platform because of how quickly news spreads across its platform. Because of this, Twitter doesn’t really censor content on its platform. People can post anything they want and the chances of it getting taken down are slim. You’ll only get a warning before you’re about to view the content.

Because there’s no censorship, you may see tweets that you don’t like because of how explicit it is. From here, you can block the account if you no longer want to see it again. Another reason why you may want to block someone is if you don’t want them to see the content you post, but you don’t want them to know either.

When you block someone and they try to visit your profile, they will see a message saying that they are blocked from following and viewing your tweets. This can be a harsh message so you may want to block them without them knowing.

Blocking Someone without them Knowing

Soft Blocking

If they follow you and you don’t want them to see your content anymore, instead of blocking them and leaving them in the blocked list, you can block them and unblock them so that they’re removed as a follower and can’t you on their feed anymore. This is also known as a soft block.


To do this, go to Twitter > go to the profile > tap on the Settings icon > select Block. To unblock them, click on your profile pic and select Settings and privacy > Blocked accounts > tap Blocked to unblock them.

They won’t follow you anymore but if your profile comes up on their feed they will still be able to visit your account.



If they follow you and you don’t want to see their profile come up on your feed, you can mute them instead of blocking them. This will temporarily remove all their content from your page without them knowing. This is useful if you don’t want to see the person on your feed, but you don’t mind them seeing you. If you want to mute someone, go to their profile > select the three dots > select Mute. You’ll no longer see them on your feed.

If they don’t follow you and you don’t want them to see your account without them knowing you blocked them, you can put your account on private. However, this means that your account will be private for everyone and not just them. If you really don’t want them to see your content but you want to block them without them know, Twitter has no options that allow anyone to do this so you’ll have to go through and block them.