How to Allow Instagram to Access Your Photos


Many Instagram users have reported that they aren’t able to give Instagram access to your camera roll or gallery. Obviously, if your iPhone isn’t able to give Instagram camera access, or Android even, Instagram is pretty much useless at the point. You aren’t able to post pictures or videos or take and photos or videos to upload to your story. If you aren’t able to give Instagram access to your photos, it’s pretty simple.

Why Instagram isn’t Getting Access to Your Photos

If you’ve already tried to give Instagram access to your photos but it’s not working, it should be put down to a system failure. This is when Instagram will ask for access to your photos despite you already giving it access.

The system failure is caused by low storage on your phone meaning that you need to free up storage to get rid of the problem

Another reason Instagram might continue to prompt you to give access is if you actually haven’t allowed Instagram to access your camera. If Instagram is unable to have access to your camera, then you’re going to miss out on Instagram’s primary functions.

When You Might Be Asked to Give Instagram Camera Access

If you’ve just started to use Instagram, you’re more likely to receive this error since it’s primarily shown to those who have just started using Instagram. Before you use most apps, you usually have to allow the app to have access to your camera. You’re also likely to be told to give Instagram access to your camera if you’ve just updated the app and logged in.

Lastly, if you’ve messed around with a few settings on your phone and you’ve accidentally deleted some data, e.g. clearing Instagram cache and getting rid of its data, then you’ll have to start using the app as if you’ve just installed it. This will trigger the camera access prompt to show up as soon as you log in.

How to Allow Camera Access on Instagram

You may not see an option for the camera to give Instagram access or you may not know how to allow access to the camera app at all.


To check if the camera option is available:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Instagram at the bottom
  3. Check if the camera is an option under ‘allow Instagram to access

If it’s an option, toggle it on. If it’s not, go to the next step

To give Instagram camera access:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Click on Camera
  4. Toggle on Instagram

When You Press on Privacy and Camera, Instagram Doesn’t Come Up?

If you have gone to Privacy and Camera for Instagram to not come up, it’s because you haven’t give Instagram camera access. You’ll need to go to Settings > scroll down to Instagram > toggle on Camera. When you visit privacy and camera now, you’ll see Instagram as an option.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Apps or Applications and tap Instagram.
  3. Tap on Instagram
  4. Select Permissions. This will allow you to change your Instagram camera settings and give it the right access.
  5. Toggle on the camera to give Instagram access

Can’t Allow Instagram to Access Camera

If you’ve given Instagram access in settings but it keeps saying that you need to give them access to the camera, to continue, you’ll need to enable camera access in settings’ in Instagram, then there’s a system failure that’s being caused by you having low storage space.

Fixing the camera access notification just requires you to get rid of the error that isn’t allowing Instagram to recognize that you’ve given it access to your camera.

Remove the App Limit to Allow Instagram to Access Camera

On your iPhone, you’re allowed to have app limits and this will restrict your usage times for apps. If you have an app limited for Instagram, you might experience problems with Instagram if you’ve gone past your app usage limit for that day. To fix Instagram not being able to access your camera glitch, you’ll need to get rid of the app usage limit.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time
  3. Select App Limits
  4. Find Instagram and Camera
  5. Delete the App Limit for both your camera and Instagram

Turn Your Phone Off/On to Stop The Error From Showing

The first thing you can try and do to get rid of this message temporarily is to simply turn your device off. When you turn your device off then on, it gets rid of the RAM which provides your device with more storage space for the time being. RAM stands for random access memory and its memory allows you to load apps and other features quickly, so you don’t have to wait a long time.

Over a long period of time, this builds up and can take away a considerable amount of storage. When you turn your device on, apps may run slower, but your storage has been reduced for the time being.

This step may remove the error message on Instagram or it may not. If it manages to remove the message, it may come back again and if it does, come back to this article. Sometimes this may permanently remove the message but If it doesn’t, go to the next step.

Delete the Instagram Cache and Restart Your Phone

In order to remove a considerable amount of storage, you can wipe your Instagram cache. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to wipe any of your messages, chats, memories or anything like that, it’s just going to wipe the temporary files that are stored in Instagram’s directory.

To wipe Instagram cache:

  1. Go to the Settings icon
  2. Under ACCOUNT ACTIONS, click Clear Cache 
  3. Click on Clear All then Clear
  4. Close and open the app

Clear Snapchat cache

After you’ve done this, you need to close the Instagram app from the multitasking switch and restart your phone. This is going to make sure that your device registered the storage that has been removed therefore allowing Instagram to function properly and have access to your camera.

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