When you are making a slide presentation for work or school, you should try to fit in at least a few different forms of media. What this does is help keep your audiences’ attention. You may want to include a video in the presentation which can be a good change of pace in the midst of a wordy slide show. You don’t want to have to stop your slide show, go find your video, play the video, then have to open your slide show again. That is not what a good presentation consists of.

If you are using Google Slides to put your presentation together, there are quite a few really cool features you can use when adding a video.

You can set the video up to play as soon as you get to the slide that it is on as well setting the video to start and stop when you want. Google Slides has the ability to add YouTube videos directly from Slides itself. How do you add one of your own videos or a video that is not from YouTube though?

Inserting a Non-YouTube Video into Google Slide Presentation

If you have a video in mind that you want to use, but it isn’t on YouTube, you could always add it to YouTube and then upload it using the built in YouTube search in Google Slides. That isn’t what you are wanting to do though. The only option you are left with really is to upload your video to your Google Drive.

Since Google has connected the Google Drive and Google Slides you can insert videos from your Drive into your slide show.

1. First, you need to go to your Google Drive and upload the video that you are wanting to use

2. You do this by clicking New and then File Upload or you can drag the video file into your Drive browser window

go back to Google Slides and click the Insert tab and then click Video

3. Once the file is uploaded, go back to Google Slides and click the Insert tab and then click Video

4. Now, click on the Google Drive tab at the top of the page

5. You will see all of the videos you have on your Google Drive here and you need to look through and find the video you are wanting to embed in your slide show

6. When you find it, double click it to Insert it into the slide you have selected which you may have to wait a short time for it to happen

lick the Shared with me tab to locate the video

7. If the video you want to insert was a video that someone sent to you, you will need to click the Shared with me tab to locate the video instead of My Drive

Setting Up the Video You Inserted

When you just simply insert the video into the slide and don’t set it up at all you will have to manually hit the play button on the video when you get to the slide that has it.

If you are satisfied with that, then you are done and can move on to finishing your presentation, but if you are wanting to make things smoother and easier for you doing the presentation there are some options you have access to.

1. Right click on the video in the slide and then click on the Format Options

A bar will then appear on the right that has the video options listed

2. A bar will then appear on the right that has the video options listed

3. The first option listed is the option to start and stop the video at whatever time in the video that you want which is nice if the video is long and you want to trim it down to focus on a certain part of the video and don’t want to have to search for that part of the clip during your presentation

4. The next option is the Autoplay when presenting option which allows you to start the video as soon as you open the slide in the presentation instead of having to manually press play. Just check the Autoplay when presenting box

5. Then, you can mute the video audio if you are wanting to talk over the video rather than listening to the audio on the video by checking the Mute Audio box

So, there is how you insert a non-YouTube video into your Google Slides presentation. It is a fairly simple process to complete as you can see.