How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat

Why Is Someone’s Snap Location Not Updating But They Are Snapping?

Recently moved to a new area? Heading off to college far from home? You actually just want some new friends to hang out with after yours have become a bore? Sometimes, socializing somewhere unfamiliar to you can be incredibly difficult and just trying to make friends seems impossible.

Thankfully, there are so many options in today’s advanced technological world that allow you to meet people in your area without actually leaving your home.

With a new type of social media being developed every time we blink our eyes, there are constantly new options being delivered to your device that allows you to connect with those around you. One is Snapchat.

Snapchat has the ability to let you talk to people in so many different ways. From photos, to texts, and even video chatting directly on the app, Snapchat has made it very simple to stay in contact with anyone you know and also allows you to get to know those around you.

Snapchat offers a variety of different ways for you to be able to find people in your area through their extensive location options. From using your friends’ influences to locating a new restaurant you vibe with, finding people has never been easier.

Can You Find Snapchat Friends Near You Without a Username?

While you can find any Snapchat user out there if you have their username, you are still able to reach out if you do not have it. There are a lot different ways for you to be able to find new friends on Snapchat without even needing their username.

Using your location, other’s stories, and even posting to local areas, all these options offer you a quick and simple route to finding people new to you on the app.

A username is not necessary as Snapchat wants to make it simple and convenient for you to be able to meet those around you.

How Does Snapchat “Places” Feature Work on Snap Maps?

Snapchat has also started to offer a location service that utilizes your location and interests, but more in a business sense just like Instagram’s Nearby places feature.

There are a few different methods for finding Snapchat accounts in your area. One way is to take advantage of the Places feature in Snap Maps. Tap on the location button on the bottom left corner of your screen in Snapchat to open Snap maps, then tap on the Places button in the middle.

Put in the name of a city or area to narrow down your search results even more. Snapchat will then provide a list of accounts situated in your area that have posted a store. From here, you can open the stories and add any mentioned accounts.

Consider the following scenario: you spotted someone at the mall in your area and are now curious about them, whether they are a Snapchat user, and if they do, what their Snapchat handle is.

If they were in the mall, the odds are good that they snapped a photo and posted it with the geotag, which is now famous because it is trendy. People submit a snapshot of every area they visit and the geotag to social media.

After discovering the location, look through the story of the venue or the location on snap maps. You will only see the stories from people who have posted. From here, you’ll be able to see their name in the upper left corner.

You can use this to figure out their name and either search them on Instagram or search them on Snapchat to see if you can add them.

How to Add Nearby Friends on Snapchat

1. Use An Advanced Google Search Function

Another way that you can try and find some Snapchat friends that are in your area is by utilizing Google as well as Instagram.

To do this:

1. Open up google however you normally do whether that be from a device or a computer.

2. Google the following: “a name” “location” and “sc”)

Here’s an example of what you’d input for name, location. “georgia” “london” and “sc”) 

3. This will bring up a load of results that fit the search results. This means you’ll find a bunch of people named Georgia that have ties to London and have their sc username in their bio.

4. Go to Snapchat and add their username.

2. Use Snapchat and Tap Locations Near You Then Add People

One easy way that you can add people on Snapchat is through the app’s location features. First you will have to go to the map on Snapchat which can be done by opening up the app and selecting the map from the bottom of the left side of the screen. Once the map is open,

there will be blue spots around the area which are called hotspots. Select one of the hotspots and you will be able to see people who have posted in that location.

Now, when tapping through these stories, some will say View Creator which you will need to tap on. Now their username will appear with an Add + sign next to it. Just select Add + and you have now added a local friend.

However, make sure to pay attention to how recently they posted this story. With the maps feature, these posts can appear for months after they were posted, so that person may have left the area if the story is not recent.

3. Use the Places Feature in Snapchat Maps

To do this, open your app and click on the map feature on the bottom left corner. From there, Place will be in the center at the bottom of your screen with buildings as an icon.

You will then have the option to scroll through popular places and pick one from there or the areas will also appear on the map as well and you can select them.

Once you choose a place to look at, you can then select the creator on certain posts and now click on creator. Next, you will see Add + next to their usernames, choose that, and you have another local friend.

Just like the Locations service, posts can stay in these places for months so you will want to ensure the story is fairly recent, within the past couple days, so that the person you want to add is still in the area.

4. Ask Your Friends Nearby to Send You Their Nearby Friends

Another way that you can add friends in the area is by asking your local friends to share your profile to their local friends. They can do so by having you share your snap code to your friends.

In order to do this, all you have to do is:

1. Open up the app

2. Select your Bitmoji in the upper left corner

3. Click on the yellow box with your Bitmoji in it and this is your snap code.

4. You can now either save it to your device and send it to your friends that way or select Share Snapcode and use various other forms of social media to send out your Snapcode.

5. Once you have shared this with your friends, they can now post your information to their stories as well as various local stories so that people can add you through their posts.

5. Ask People on Your Story to Send You Local Friends

You can also post your own Snapcode or username to your story and ask your local friends. This is very easy to do as well. To start, click on your Bitmoji in the upper left part of the screen and now you have your Snapcode.

Next, choose Save to Camera Roll. Then, once you have your Snapcode downloaded to your device, post it to your story and add a caption to the story saying something like “Tell your friends to add me on Snap”.

Now, your friends can view your story and share your Snapcode with their local friends. This is a quick and easy way for you to share your profile and gain some local friends.

6. Use The Quick Add Feature

The Quick Add feature is yet another way for you to easily be able to add friends that are near your location. Through your contacts and your current friends, Snapchat will create a list of people that they think you know and would like to add on Snapchat.

If you are already friends with a couple of local people, others Snapchatters that they are friends with will appear in this Quick Add list.

To access this list:

1. Open up Snapchat and click on your Bitmoji in the upper left part of the screen.

2. Scroll down a little bit until you see Friends and then Add Friends.

3. Select Add Friends and Quick Add will immediately appear. You will then be able to see their usernames and how many mutual friends you two share. The more mutual friends, the more likely they are to be local to the area you are in.

4. Just click the Add button across from their names and now you can add local friends through your Quick Add list.

7. Add People Your Friends Mention In Their Stories

Another easy way to add local friends is through your current friends’ stories. If they are tearing it up on the dance floor with some friends or enjoying a nice picnic in the evening, chances are your friends will attach the account of the people they are currently with onto their story.

If a username is attached, when viewing their story you will be able to tap the bottom of the screen to see the accounts that are attached to the post.

An Add option will now appear by their usernames and you can select Add to send them a friend request on Snapchat.

8. Run Snapchat Ads and Set The Location to Near You

Another easy way to find people near you is through running ads on Snapchat. Ad’s appear on Snapchat in between the stories you are watching as well on the Discovery Page when you click through the various posts that are offered.

One way that you can utilize finding new friends around you is by running your own ad through the app and setting the ad to be shown near you. This way those around you who are using Snapchat will see your ad and then can add you from the content you include on there.

To run on an ad, you will have to:

1. Go to

2. Log into your account and select Create an Ad.

3. Your ad can be whatever you want it to be so that people who view it can find you.

4. After your ad is created, all you have to do is go to Geography and then set the limits to what you want.

5. It can be as big or as small as you would like, however far you want to branch out to find new friends is up to you.

9. Add People You Have Not Added Back As Friends

You may also have local friends that have already added you and you just have not added them back yet.

To see if you have some unadded friends awaiting your acceptance:

1. Open up the Snapchat app. Once there, in the upper right part of the screen, you will see an icon that looks like a figure with a plus sign next to it.

2. Press the plus icon and a list of users who have added you.

3. Simply just select the Add button that is across from their username and you will have officially added them back.

4. This is another way to quickly gain some local friends on Snapchat.

10. Go On the Discovery Page and Look For Accounts

The Discovery Page on Snapchat is another way to interact with people in your area.

To access the Discovery Page, you just have to:

1. Open the Snapchat app and scroll to the left, the same one you access your friends’ stories. This page offers up a wide range of people for you to be able to view.

From newspaper stories to a local car guy trying to promote his most recent sale, the Discovery Page is an easy way to see what is going on around you.

2. Start to scroll until you see any familiar names or highlights of things happening near you.

3. Hold down on whatever catches your attention and hit the subscribe button.

You can also select recommend and your friends will know you are sharing this page because the content is relevant to them as well.

By subscribing to these accounts, you will be able to see what they are posting in the Stories area where you access your friends posts. This feature is a very simple way to connect to people and events happening near you.

11. Search Dizkover

Another way that you can try and find some Snapchat friends is by using Dizkover

1. Go to Dizkovers.

2. Search for a generic location like London

3. From here, look at the results and add the accounts that look interesting. There will now be accounts shown to you that are in your area.

4. Open the Snapchat App and add them.


The world is evolving every day to make every aspect of our lives easier. Putting yourself out there and trying to find a solid group of friends can be really scary and intimidating for anyone.

You can face rejection and embarrassment, but thankfully, we can reach out to others in a much more comfortable and judgment free way as the world continues to advance.

Connecting with friends and meeting new people is one of many things that social media has to offer. Snapchat levels up this ease and offers a variety of ways to help you acclimate to a new area or even just friend some different friends in your own hometown.

From locating fun and hip places to hang out or even just scrolling through the app, Snapchat has made it a total breeze for you to socialize on their app.

There are so many ways to find people and share your account with others that you can totally find people all over your area through all of the options available to you.

Snapchat has even made it so that you can use your other forms of social media to connect, as well as using your current friends to try and lead you to potential new

friends. So, next time you head out on vacation or even go visit an old friend in a new town, remember all the ways you can connect with virtually anyone around you.

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