U-verse is AT&T’s own telecommunications service that bundles television, high-speed internet, and telephone at reasonable prices. When you purchase the internet service from them, chances are you’ll get a neat, little U-verse router—provided it’s bundled with your service. When it arrives at your doorstep, the obvious first step is to get it up and running!

Gaining access to your U-verse router, and enjoying the magic of Wi-Fi, is an incredibly easy process.

How to Access a U-verse Router

Connecting to a U-verse router isn’t any different from other brands of routers. It’s typically done by locating the SSID and connecting. However, depending on where you are on the stage, the steps may change. For example, if you recently connected a router, it’s slightly different from existing routers.

1. First and foremost, making sure the network is casting a signal. Check that the Ethernet cable in the back is seated firmly and leading straight to your modem. If the LED for ‘Internet’ is solid green, then you’re good to go!

2. Enable Wi-Fi on your device. Do this before moving onto Step 3.

3. Next, connecting to the U-verse router. Since it’s connected to a network, it should be casting a signal. To connect, look at your system tray in the bottom right corner (Windows) or in the top right corner (Mac OS). Click on the Network icon (it resembles the Wi-Fi signal). This will open your network settings.

4. Locate the SSID in your network settings. The SSID is the name of the router. If you just bought the router, you’ll find the default SSID label in the back or along the side.

5. When prompted, provide the Wi-Fi password. If you just bought the router, you’ll find the default Wi-Fi password in the back or along the side next to the SSID. It’s labeled as the ‘Network Key.’

6. Once connected, open a web browser—any browser will do.

7. In the address bar, type and hit the Enter key. What it will do is redirect you to your router’s web interface.

8. Now, some U-verse routers will ask for a username and password. For username, punch in admin. For password, you either leave it blank or type in the router’s System Password or Device Access Code. This can also be found alongside the SSID and Wi-Fi password.

From here on out, the router’s web interface can provide details on your IP, system information, diagnostic tools, devices that are connected, and even change your Wi-Fi password and SSID. In fact, it’s recommended you change the password and SSID to something you’ll remember and recognize. And while you’re at it, get familiar with the interface.

Bottom Line

As you can see, connecting with your U-verse router is a pretty easy task. Most of what you need comes right with the device itself thanks to the label in the back. Now that your Wi-Fi is up and running, you can connect any Wi-Fi enabled devices, provided they have the correct password.