How Many Times Does a Phone Ring?

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring?

Ever sit and wonder how many times your phone rings in a minute? Curious about how many times a phone rings before it goes to voicemail? How about how many seconds it takes for a phone with its service out of range to go to voicemail?

If you know the answer to some of these off the wall questions you will always know when the person you’re trying to reach is hitting the ignore button.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring

Answering this question can be difficult because the amount of rings a cell phone makes is going to depend on a number of factors.

A person’s network provider usually determines the amount of rings a phone will have, but sometimes a cell phone’s proximity to cell towers can interrupt this concept.

Generally speaking the average time a phone will ring is somewhere between 25 and 35 seconds. This puts the average phone ringing 4 or 5 times before it is picked up or sent to voicemail.

Remember this is just an estimated average for all phones, there are several factors that can change that and they are discussed below.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring Before it Goes to Voicemail

On average a phone will ring for 35 seconds or less before it is picked up or sent to voicemail. This will depend on who your network provider is, the closest cell phone tower, and what settings you have on your device.

Assuming the person you are trying to call is not roaming or ignoring the call, the phone will ring approximately 5 times before it reaches voicemail. If you attempt to contact the person multiple times and it goes straight to voicemail, their device is most likely turned off or unavailable.

Paying attention to how many rings you hear before the phone goes to voicemail and the number of times it’s happening can help you decipher the cause behind it.

How Many Seconds Does a Phone Ring Before Voicemail

Wondering how many seconds your phone is ringing before going to voicemail, or maybe you’re wondering why it’s taking so long to leave a message or get a response?

Interestingly enough the amount of rings we hear is not based on the number of rings, it’s based on time. More specifically the amount of rings before going to voicemail is based on seconds.

You’re probably wondering who makes these rules and who enforces them? Your cell phone’s network provider is the man behind the curtain on this one folks.

The provider chooses how many seconds your phone will ring before it goes to voicemail, companies like T-mobile set the time to 25 seconds.

There is no way to change the number of seconds between rings and voicemail, only your network provider has access to these settings.

How Many Rings Before a Missed Call

Now that you know the average time it takes a phone to go to voicemail, I am sure you’re wondering how many rings it takes to miss a call? According to the research your phone will ring about 4 or 5 times until its directed to your voicemail and considered a missed call.

Just like the amount of time it takes to get to voicemail, your cell phone will ring for 25 seconds before stopping. The only person who can change this and give the phone more time is the carrier your phone is signed up with.

If You’ve Been Blocked, How Many Times Will the Phone Ring

Remember earlier when I said there were certain factors that can contribute to how many times a phone will ring? One of those factors is if the person you’re trying to call has blocked you from accessing their number.

Paying attention to how many times the phone rings can let you know if the phone is blocking your number. The phone will give you a single ring before going to voicemail. Sometimes this can signal other issues like a phone that’s roaming or turned off.

Process of illumination and calling the number multiple times can help you decide if you’ve been put on the block list. If you have been blocked, in most cases the call should ring once. Another way to tell is if you hear the message saying, This number is no longer in service.

If They End the Call, How Many Times Should the Phone Ring

If the person receiving the call has their phone settings set to “Do Not Disturb” you will hear a different ring pattern than normal.

Usually a person has the phone set to “Do Not Disturb” because they are working, sleeping, or driving and don’t want to be bothered with. Most phones will give three short rings in the case of Do Not Disturb settings like airplane and driving mode.

Give the person you’re trying to reach a text letting them know you called (they will receive this message when they turn normal settings back on) and try again later on.

The do not disturb mode on a phone can be very useful if you need a little time for yourself. The user has the option of manually turning the setting off or setting it on a timer.

If they’re Ignoring Your Call, How Many Rings Should You Hear

There’s probably been plenty of times you’ve made a phone call just to abruptly be sent to voicemail. This usually happens when the person receiving the call has hit the ignore button.

The best way to figure out if your calls are being declined is to listen to how many rings you hear before the voicemail starts. If you only hear 1 or 2 short rings before the phone cuts to voicemail, chances are your being ignored.

Don’t rush to negative thoughts, maybe the person you’re trying to contact is unavailable and just couldn’t answer. If your calls are always met with 1 or 2 short rings and their voicemail, there might be another explanation as to why your calls aren’t going through.

If You Call Someone When their Phone is Off, Will it Ring

Have you ever wondered if your phone rings when it’s powered down or has a dead battery? Just because you can’t see or hear a call when you have the power cut off, the person making the call will hear one short ring before it disconnects and goes to voicemail.

This is not always the case however, sometimes when a phone is powered down it will not ring at all, just direct the caller to a voicemail. It all depends on the phone and what network it’s powered by.

What Does it Mean When Your Phone Never Goes to Voicemail

Have you ever tried to call your friends or family only to be met with endless ringing and no way to leave a message? Calling a number and hearing endless ringing is usually a sign that the phone’s voicemail application needs an update.

You’re probably wondering how and why you need to update the voicemail app on your device? Updating the voicemail refreshes and fixes any glitches or malfunctions the system may be having by providing the phone with a newer version of the app.

If updating the app was not the problem there are a couple other things on your device you can check out.

1. Empty your Voicemail memory: If your voicemail is full, it will automatically stop collecting messages and discontinue its function until the storage is cleared. Spam callers can fill your inbox quickly and in order to receive new messages, check your voicemail regularly.

2. Turn your mobile data off and on again: Head over to your settings bar in your phone and tap the mobile data icon. Click the icon to turn it off and then click it again to turn it back on. Refreshing your cellular data can be a quick fix to voicemail issues.

Another way to reset mobile data is by turning on airplane mode and then quickly turning it off again. This gives the system a chance to reset and load your voicemails at the proper speed.

Be sure to turn your mobile data back on, having it off will disrupt functions like voicemail, incoming calls and text messages.

3. Enable WiFi calling: If you’re in an area with poor service, functions like your voicemail will not work properly. Enabling WiFi calling allows you to send and receive text messages, voicemails, and phone calls using the WiFi network instead of the cellular network.

1. Make sure call forwarding is off: If call forwarding on your phone is enabled, it will forward all your calls to a different number instead of directing the caller to your voicemail.

This feature is usually disabled by default but can accidentally be turned on. All you have to do to disable it is go into your phone’s Settings>Phone>Call Forwarding and tap disable.

2. Reset Network System: If all else has failed and your phone’s voicemail is still not working properly you can try a network reset.

A network reset can help reset the settings and fix any glitches you might be experiencing like missed calls without ringing and mobile data connections. To reset your network you need to go to your phone’s Settings>General>Transfer>Reset Network Settings.

3. Access your voicemail by calling yourself: If none of these tips and tricks are doing the job, you can always check your voicemail the old fashioned way. Dial your number from another phone and when the voicemail comes on press *.

A recording will ask you to enter your passcode and from there you will be able to access your voicemails.

How Many Times Should You Let Your Phone Ring Before Answering

Is there a certain number of times you should let your phone ring before you pick it up and say hello? Letting the phone ring for more than 3 times is like saying you’re too busy to be bothered with the call.

Not only is it bad etiquette, it’s just not the norm in this fast-paced world we live in. People in this age expect to be the center of attention and answer quickly, anything less and the person feels a sense of disrespect and unimportance.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this kind of question, it falls to the person receiving the call and what they feel is best.

The correct amount of rings is a personal decision however, not answering by the 5th time will not only look rude and disrespectful, but have you checking voicemails instead of holding a conversation.

Phone Rings 4 Times Then Voicemail

What does it mean when the phone rings 4 times and goes to voicemail? It means the person receiving the call is either busy and hitting the ignore button, or couldn’t get to the phone fast enough.

Generally speaking a phone will ring for 25 seconds or 5 times before the voicemail system takes over. The person’s phone is not off or out of range with 4 rings, they are just too busy to entertain a conversation.

Phone Rings Twice Then Goes to Voicemail

Have you been making calls only to find your being directed to voicemail after 2 rings? Are you curious why everytime you dial that certain number you can never seem to get through?

Hearing a ring twice before being sent to leave a message is usually because a WiFi calling or WiFi based connection is interfering with the call. The WiFi application on the person’s device is interfering with the phone’s call modules and apps like hangout, duom and whatsapp are trying to take the call.

The best way to solve this issue is by disabling the phone’s WiFI calling and directing all calls to the mobile network. Follow these steps to disable the WiFi calling on your device.

1. Launch your phones Settings menu

2. From the Settings menu open up the Connections menu

3. Look for WiFi Calling and toggle the switch to off

4. Check to see if this has solved your problem

5. You can also access the WiFi Calling settings through your phones Quick Settings

If disabling your devices WiFi calling did not solve your interference problem, another method you can try is Factory resetting your phone. When you factory reset your device, the phone’s features and apps are set back to default.

Sometimes this is enough to solve all the glitches your phone is exhibiting. Follow these simple steps to factory reset your device.

1. Backup all your phone’s data because once you hit confirm all the data will be erased.

2. Open the phones Settings menu

3. Select General from the settings menu

4. Open Reset and tap on Erase All Contents and Settings.

5. Click on Erase Everything and let the process automatically complete itself

6. When the process is finished, re-set up your device and check to see if the ringing issue has been solved.

How to Change the Number of Rings on An iPhone Before it Goes to Voicemail

As discussed earlier in the article, your cell phone’s network provider has the ability to change the number of rings a caller hears before the call is directed to voicemail. However, if you are an iPhone owner you have the ability to change this setting on your own.

Calling the carrier can make this process easier but doing it yourself is always more fun. Follow these steps to change the number of rings your iPhone has before going to voicemail.

  • Access your voicemail number: Before you begin you need access to your personal voicemail number. This is easily accessible by going to your phones calling app and pressing #61#. The number for your voicemail will be displayed on your screen.
  • Dial your voicemail number: Head back over to your phone’s dialing app and this time punch in *61* (DO NOT PRESS SEND). Follow up this number with your special voicemail number. (DO NOT PRESS SEND)
  • Put in the number of seconds you want your phone to ring: Without pressing the call button your going to add the numbers *11* followed by the number of seconds you want your device to ring. You can finally press that call button now.

In Conclusion

Listening to the number of rings a phone makes before it goes to voicemail lets you know if you’re being ignored, or blocked by the person receiving the call.

Knowing the exact number of rings a phone should or shouldn’t make is a good way to decipher any technical issues you might be experiencing.

Sometimes the phone is simply out of range or set on Do Not Disturb and that is why you’re only hearing a ring or two. Paying attention to the amount of time it takes for a phone to be directed to voicemail can let you know it’s time for a system update or maybe a call to your phone’s network provider.

For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to keep your ears sharp when making or receiving a phone call.

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