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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with millions of daily users around the world. Users can indicate their potential interest in someone by “swiping right” on their profile when it appears in their feed. Swiping right is similar to “liking” someone’s profile on other social media platforms.

This is a fun twist that gives users a more interactive experience when trying to find a date online. Dating apps are especially popular in this digital age that we are currently living in. It can be frustrating to run out of likes on Tinder, as they are limited to users with nonpremium accounts.

This detailed guide will cover many of the common questions regarding likes on Tinder. If you want to make sure that you can keep swiping right while using the app, this guide also has some ways for you to bypass the like restriction on Tinder. Users new to Tinder will find that the limitations can hinder their overall experience, so tailoring your expectations can help you to find a way to enjoy Tinder that is best for you.

Why Does Tinder Limit Your Likes?

Unfortunately, for users of the free version of Tinder, the number of likes or “swipes” that you are given a day is limited. The most likely reason for Tinder limiting likes is to reduce the amount of spam and bots on the app from accessing its features.

Bots can be used on Tinder to generate high like counts for profiles that were not earned legitimately. This had led Tinder to implement a strict restriction on likes for nonpremium users.

Another factor to keep in mind is that Tinder experiences extremely high levels of daily use. To sustain the number of users and keep the app updated with new features, it is expected that they offer a premium service to ensure that Tinder has enough revenue to sustain itself. This is typical of any successful dating app.

Tinder has foregone any free trial version of the app and simply offers a more barebones version of their premium service to users who do not wish to spend any money.

That being said if increasing your number of daily likes is important to you, then consider signing up for Tinder Gold, which is the paid, premium service offered to users by Tinder.

Can You Bypass Tinder Like Limits?

The only way for a user to bypass the Tinder “like” limit is to sign up for a premium account. There are currently two types of premium accounts offered, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Both of these account types feature additional features as well as increased “like” limits.

They are both good options for Tinder users who frequently use the app. While none of the features can influence your overall dating success, they can give quality of life improvement to users who spend a lot of time using the Tinder app.

Since there is currently no legitimate way to bypass Tinder “like” limits users will find that upgrading their account is the only option for increasing the “like” limits.

In the early days of Tinder, there was no limitation on “likes” but as the app grew in popularity, it became necessary to implement the limit to ensure the sustainability of the application.

You might come across claims of ways to bypass the Tinder “like” limitation using third-party software or hacks.

Using these methods to try and bypass the limit could use to errors when using the Tinder app or your account being banned. It is generally not advised to acknowledge any such claims.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder?

The answer to this will vary depending on your subscription status and how frequently you use the application.

Users who have just recently signed up will find that are limited to 50 “likes” or “swipes” every 12 hours. This limit is put in place to help lower the potential of new bot accounts making illegitimate swipes.

Once a user has been using the app for a while and activity using their swipes, Tinder will notify them that their daily free “swipe” limit has been increased to 100 every 12 hours. This is to encourage users to actively use the app and gauge whether or not an account is a real person or a bot.

If you have a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription, the “like” limit will be set to unlimited. This is a great option for those who avidly use Tinder and wish to ensure they never run out of likes.

Should you choose to upgrade your subscription you will also receive access to additional features not available in the free version of Tinder.

In short, the number of likes you get on Tinder will vary as you spend more time on the app. As you get more familiar with the way the “swipe right” features work to represent liking a profile, you will gradually see your daily limit increase.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder Gold?

One of the main draws for users to upgrade to a premium account is the unlimited amount of daily likes the user if afford. With unlimited “likes” you can ensure that you are never forced to stop swiping because you have run out.

Users who choose to upgrade to Tinder Gold will also receive access to new features and insights into their profiles not available on the free version of Tinder.

Some of the features include the ability to undo swipes, change location, and free monthly profile boosts to promote visibility. Tinder Gold users also get 5 free “Super Likes” a day, which when used sends a specialized notification to a profile indicating serious romantic interest.

A super like will help you stand out when trying to match with a particular profile. “Super Likes” can be purchased for nonpremium accounts.

Tinder Gold is the best package for users who wish to increase their “like” limit on Tinder. Tinder Plus also features unlimited likes but without many of the perks afforded to users with gold subscriptions.

As previously mentioned, none of the additional features included in the paid versions of Tinder, including unlimited “likes” will influence your overall dating success on the app. They will however give you more options and insight into your overall dating life.

How To Get More Likes on Tinder for Free?

There have been many suggested methods over the years for bypassing Tinder’s “like” limitation. Most of these methods involve using some sort of exploit or third-party software to bypass the limit.

In the early days of Tinder, some known exploits were prevalent, with users sometimes being able to swipe right even after using up all of the daily “likes”.

These types of exploits have since been patched, meaning that they are no longer a viable way to bypass the limit. Attempting to use these types of exploits with your account could result in errors with the app or a full account ban.

By agreeing to Tinder’s Terms and Conditions you declare that you will only operate the app the way that it was intended. If you do not, you could risk losing your account entirely.

This also applies to third-party apps that could potentially be problematic. Generally, it is not advised to use third-party apps that access your Tinder account information. The use of third-party software could lead to app compatibility issues, or your account being banned for violating Tinder’s Terms of Service.

There is simply no way to get free likes on Tinder legitimately. The only way for a user to get more likes is to purchase “Super Likes” or upgrade their account to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

How Many Likes on My Tinder Profile Is Average?

Since peoples’ romantic interests vary so drastically, it is hard to pinpoint an accurate number for how many “likes” is average for your Tinder profile. Whether your profile receives a “like” or not will ultimately depend on other users’ attraction to you and the presentation of your profile.

Estimating attraction is not something easily done, as it will vary from person to person. Generally, female Tinder users can expect to receive considerably more “likes” than their male counterparts. Users with an attractive profile often tend to receive more average daily likes.

All of these different factors can influence your overall “like” count in a positive or seemingly negative way. You can calculate your average “likes” by keeping track of your numbers and doing some simple calculations to help you find your specific average.

If you are not receiving a “like” average that you are happy with, consider updating your profile. Online dating takes patience, so do not lose hope. If you stay diligent and consider upgrading your profile, you can ensure that you have as many opportunities as possible to match with a potential romantic partner you can.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Guy on Tinder?

As previously stated, there is no real way to determine a concrete number for the average of “likes” a male can expect to receive while using the Tinder app. There are simply too many factors that influence the outcome to account for.

If you are a guy using Tinder, you can’t expect to receive a smaller number of likes than female users. The ratio of male to female users on the app slightly trends toward more males than females meaning that there aren’t enough females to go around.

It is important if you are a guy using Tinder to find potential romantic partners to take time and care when planning out your profile. Crafting an interesting bio and providing high-quality pictures can help you stand out and drive up your “like” numbers as a result.

If you find that your “like” count is not where you would like it to be, keep in mind that it is not a contest. You should be concerned more about quality matches and likes than the quantity when using Tinder. When pursuing potential romance on Tinder, often the fewer likes you have to receive before finding someone you enjoy spending time with, the better.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Girl on Tinder?

As previously stated, there is no real way to determine a concrete number for the average of “likes” a girl can expect to receive while using the Tinder app. There are simply too many factors that influence the outcome to account for.

If you are a girl using Tinder, you can expect to receive way more likes than a guy. The ratio of male to female users on the app slightly trends toward more males than females meaning that are more men to like you on the app.

If you’re a girl, it’s a lot easier to get likes on Tinder and if you were to compare it to your guy friends, you could expect double what a guy would get.

How Many Likes Per Day is Normal?

There is no real way to account for an overall “like” per day estimate, but you can calculate your usual likes per day to determine what is normal for your particular profile. After using Tinder for some time you will be able to better gauge how many likes you can expect in a day.

This number will vary due to multiple factors such as general attraction and profile presentation. Only you can determine what is normal for your Tinder profile. One way to do this is to keep a close eye on your daily “like” count and use that to form an educated guess.

If you find that you are getting more or fewer “likes” than normal you could examine any recent changes to your profile to try and determine the source of the change. Something like a new profile picture or bio can heavily influence your overall success rate while using Tinder.

Is 99+ Likes Good?

Having a profile that exceeds 99+ “likes” a day can be considered extremely popular with other users on the app. The Tinder “like” count only counts up to 99, so seeing this notification means that you have met or exceeded the maximum displayable likes for your profile.

This is not something that you should expect for your profile, as these are extremely high numbers, though you could potentially reach them with a good enough profile. Having 99+ “likes” on Tinder simply gives the user bragging rights but does not speak to the actual success of their romantic relationships. Be careful that you do not find yourself comparing yourself to profiles like these, as they are not the norm.

Success Rate for Men on Tinder

Do not let the numbers discourage you, but the success rate for men on the Tinder app is a stunningly low 0.6 percent. This is due to the high ratio of males to females on the app. Having such a smaller pool of potential romantic options can make success rates painfully low. This is often not due to any issue with you, but more to the general overcrowding of other users on the app.

You can boost your success rate by ensuring that you have an attractive profile, including an interesting bio and a high-quality profile picture. Your profile is what other users will see when they are swiping through the app, so a good first impression is extremely important for success.

Again, do not let these numbers or statistics discourage you from using the Tinder app. There are plenty of success stories from people who have found life-long relationships after using the app.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand more about the Tinder “like” limitations that they have implemented and the options offered to you to bypass them, you can start your romantic journey on the app with confidence. This detailed guide has broken down many of the common questions people have regarding Tinder “like” limits on the app.

Should you wish to increase your Tinder “like” limit, the only legitimate way is by purchasing “Super Likes” or upgrading your account to either Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. These upgraded accounts will give the user access to unlimited “likes” so they can continue to swipe right as often as they please. Otherwise, users of the free version of Tinder will find that they are limited to between 50 and 100 swipes a day.

Tinder remains one of the most popular dating apps on the market. Using this guide new users can be aware of what to expect when signing up.

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