Average Bumble Likes For a Girl

How Many Likes Do You Get on Bumble?

How Many Likes Do You Get on Bumble?

For Bumble, you are provided with 25 likes per day; after that, you will be unable to give anyone another like for 24 hours. Some Bumble users have stated that they had more than 25 likes given when they first created their profile, sometimes as many as between 50 to 75 likes.

Understand that this is not the norm, and providing new users with additional free likes, if it is done at all, would be a marketing strategy employed by Bumble to try and get you to become addicted to the swiping process.

If you feel that 25 likes a day is just not enough, then you do have the option to upgrade your subscription to be able to give out more likes to profiles.

After you have used all of the free likes that you are given for the day, Bumble will show you a pop-up message that tells you that you will be unable to give out anymore likes and will have to wait for 24 hours unless you upgrade your subscription.

If you were just starting to get into the swiping process, you will be more likely to pull out your wallet so that you can still use the features.

Bumble uses an algorithm that is a little different from some of the other big dating platforms in that it pays attention to the people you give your likes to and adjusts the profiles that you see.

Depending on who you swipe right for, the future profiles Bumble shows you will be more tailored to your preferences.

If you give all of your likes out instantly by swiping right on every profile, then the algorithm becomes skewed, and you will quickly hit your like limit for the day.

How Many Likes Per Day is Normal (to Receive From Other Users)?

The problem with a word like “normal” is that it creates a scenario inside your head; if you have less than “normal”, there is something wrong with you or your profile, and if you have more than “normal”, it could inflate your ego.

How many likes you will get is going to be dependent on a variety of factors:

1. When did you start your Bumble profile? If it has only been a day or two, then you may not be instantly bombarded with likes.

If your profile has been around for a bit, your likes could also be influenced by whether or not you have encountered certain profiles before as well as your Bumble algorithm.

2. What age range did you set for your potential matches? If you were very narrow with the ages of the people that you would be interested in meeting, it would provide you with a much smaller group of people who would see your profile.

For example, if you are only looking for someone between the ages of 21 to 23, it is going to narrow down your list of potential dates. Then, you would have to factor in that not everyone who sees the profile is going to swipe right.

If you expand the age limits, then you have more options to choose from, and will be more likely to appear on other people’s Bumble feeds.

3. What are the location settings for your potential matches? Limiting the possible dates down to a small radius, like within 15 miles of your location, is going to give you a very small group to choose from, unless you live in a very large city.

It will also prevent you from being visible to people who live a little farther away, meaning you might get less likes.

4. What does your Bumble profile contain? Did you include a variety of pictures? Did you include a bio?

Users are more likely to give you a like if you do; otherwise, they might not think you are a real person or that you are on Bumble for reasons other than seeking out a relationship.

How many likes per day fall into the “normal category” ranges dependent upon the factors listed above, as well as your age and the type of relationship you said on your profile that you wanted.

Some Bumble users would say that around 4 likes per day would be a fairly normal number, while others would claim that it should be somewhere closer to 8 per day.

It can be upsetting if you go through the process of creating an online dating profile and putting yourself out there only to not receive any likes.

Rest assured that these things sometimes take time, and are not an indication that there is not someone out there for you.

Is 99+ Likes Good?

99+ likes is a lot of likes. Whether or not it is a good thing, though? That might depend on a few factors as well as what you think constitutes “good”.

It would probably be good for your self-esteem. If so many people are liking your profile, then it means that you obviously have included pictures and a bio that are getting people’s attention. What type of attention you are seeking, though, should probably come into play.

Go back and examine your profile and ensure that all the information and pictures represent who you are and what you want to put out there into the dating pool.

It would be good if you were looking for numerous options, though keep in mind that you would have to sift through them.

If you match with even half of those people, that would be a lot of conversations that you would have to potentially initiate (if you are the female) and maintain, which could make it more intimidating.

It is not a bad thing if you find yourself with a lot of likes on Bumble. Just be careful as you work through them to find potential relationships.

Why Does Bumble Limit Your Likes?

Online dating platforms are designed to help you make a connection with someone new, but they are also a business who needs to financially profit in order to survive. Bumble limits your likes for a few reasons:

Reason 1– Limiting the swipes makes you addicted to the process of swiping. Everyone has heard the adage, “We all want what we can’t have”.

If you are working through your list of potential suitors, and you have found that you are starting to see more and more profiles with users who you are interested in, you will keep swiping.

Suddenly, you lose the ability keep liking profiles, and that feeling of frustration sets in. If you absolutely refuse to upgrade to a premium service, then Bumble ensured that you would be back on their platform tomorrow, fostering retention.

Reason 2 – They want your money. You have been working through the profiles and are seeing more and more prospective dates that you feel like you could connect to, so you keep swiping right.

Bumble is figuring out your algorithm and you like what you see. Then, you hit your limit right when you came across someone who looks promising.

In this scenario, you are more likely to go ahead and splurge for that premium service offer so that you can have unlimited swipes. Impulse buying is one of the main reasons online dating platforms are so profitable.

Reason 3 – Limiting your swipes makes your swipes more meaningful. When you only have so many likes a day, the thought process is that you will be a little pickier in regards to who you give them to.

Bumble, and other dating platforms, are ultimately there for you to find and build a meaningful connection with someone. That is much harder to do if you are constantly swiping on every profile that you see.

By keeping you limited, Bumble has the chance to perfect your algorithm and show you potential partners who match your interests, as well as try to encourage a more meaningful connection once a like is reciprocated.

Can You Bypass Bumble Like Limits?

It is possible to bypass Bumble like limits, but only if you pay for a subscription. Otherwise, you are going to be limited to the 25 likes per 24 hours rule.

Once you have upgraded to the premium version, you are able to access the premium features, including the ability to continue swiping for as long as you like, or until you run out of possible candidates.

Keep in mind that this is the same approach for other popular dating sites, and the main way that they are able to make money.

How To Get More Likes on Bumble for Free?

If you want to increase the number of likes you receive on Bumble for free, there are a few different things you can do.

Most of these things center around making adjustments to your profile as well as to your settings and preferences so that your profile has more visibility, thus increasing the chances of receiving more likes.

Try these methods to increase your likes on Bumble, at no cost to you:

1. Bumble Photos:

Your pictures are what will make someone swiping aimlessly through Bumble stop and take notice, so it is important that you include more than just one or two.

Make sure that the ones you include are not heavily filtered through Snapchat lenses or other similar effects, as you want them to see what you actually look like and not what you look like when you have been heavily edited.

Include around six photos that are a mixture of just face pictures as well as full-body pictures. If it is an actual connection that you are looking for, you do not want it to seem like you are trying to hide anything about your physical appearance.

Consider what you are doing in each of your selected pictures, and try to crop out other people if they are also in the picture. You do not want to confuse the potential match by making them have to figure out which person is you inside of a picture.

If your pictures include your children, you should either crop them out or cover their face before you post to help protect them.

2. Bumble Bio

While your pictures might be what makes someone stop to examine your profile, the bio is what will help them send a like.

Make sure your word choice is appropriate, clear, and, grammatically correct. If you use words that the main population will not understand, other users are more likely to swipe past you because they do not think they can have a conversation with you.

If you have a lot of incomplete sentences and errors, it could make you seem like you are not intelligent, and that can be a turn off for some people.

Include a bio about yourself that is somewhere past one sentence and somewhere before a novel. You do not need to put your life’s story on your Bumble bio, because you want there to be something else worth discussing if a match occurs. If you are completely lost on what to put, try this method below:

Write a sentence about who you are and what you are hoping to find through Bumble. Then, include some information about your interests and hobbies. It sounds cheesy, but people actually do look at these.

Make sure that you are honest with this part and do not mark something just because you think other users will be more interested in you if you pretend to like that hobby.

For example, if you say that you have an obsession with football and you end up matching with someone who takes you to a football game on the first date, your lie could become obvious when you have no idea how the game works or which position is located and where, not to mention that you have sent a less than stellar message to your date.

3. Adjust your Specifications

If you have narrowed the dating pool down to a puddle, there is not going to be much to choose from, and you are hurting your chances of receiving a like.

Go into your Bumble settings and preferences and play with the different preferences to see how many more potential matches you are given.

Expand the age range and the location range. Obviously, keep it within parameters that make you comfortable, but expanding these details allows for more options for you and will allow your profile to be visible to more people, meaning you will be more likely to get a match.

How Many Likes on My Bumble Profile Is Average?

This is going to depend on different factors, like the quality of your profile, the specified age of a potential match that you set, and the amount of distance from your location that you set.

On average, you could expect anywhere between 4 to 8 likes on your Bumble profile per day, but remember that this has numerous different variables that could make it more or less on any given day.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Guy on Bumble?

Again, there are a lot of variables to consider here. Roughly half of the accounts on Bumble are male, and how often your profile is seen, and thus allowing it the opportunity to be liked, is based on the filters you provided when you set up your account, where you are, and the quality of the material you provided.

On average, you should expect a few likes a day, somewhere around 3 or 4. Obviously, it could be way more than that, but it just depends on too many factors to say for certain.

How Many Likes Is Average for A Girl on Bumble?

Like for the guys, there are so many variables that it is impossible to get a specific number. While you can possibly expect a few more likes a day than the guys, somewhere around 8, it is not a guarantee.

Keep in mind that your filters and the quality of your profile have a lot to do with who sees and likes you on Bumble, so make adjustments if you want to see the number go up.

Success Rate for Men on Bumble

Bumble is an online dating app that caters more to women. It does not matter if you both matched because you liked each other’s profiles, she has to him a message first. The match disappears if she doesn’t message him within 24 hours.

With so many variables to consider, it is difficult to put an exact number on the success rate for men on Bumble, but there are a few things a man can do to boost his chances of a successful relationship, like responding to her message if she does initiate a conversation, being respectful through his conversations, and by having an honest profile.

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