Instagram Live is a media feature of Instagram that you might be familiar with. Every once and awhile, you might get a notification about one of the people you follow doing a Live video. Instagram Live was created as a way to integrate a longer video form to Instagram. It allows users to start a live stream and have their followers stream it.

You can interact with the person doing the Instagram Live by leaving comments and sending hearts. When someone you know is doing an Instagram Live, you’ll see their profile in the top left side of your home screen on Instagram with a purple ring around the stream, which will let you know that’s you can join it.

Starting an Instagram Live

If you want to have an Instagram Live, you can tap the “Your Story” circle with the plus sign in it in the upper left side of your home screen on Instagram. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see options that you can flip through to change the type of media that you’re capturing. The first option to the left of the default says, “Live.” Once you confirm that you want to capture a Live, it’ll start filming.

How long can your Live last?

Your Instagram Live can last up to an hour and then it’ll automatically stop. If you’d like, you can start another Live immediately and continue, but otherwise you should try to end your Live within the hour so that there isn’t an awkward pause in your video. You can, of course, end the Instagram Live as early as you’d like.