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What Does Viewed Story Mean on Snapchat?

View on your story means that someone has viewed your story.

How Does Snapchat Order Views?

When you upload a Snapchat story, you can see a list of people who viewed it. This list is ordered based on who recently watched your Snapchat story. If someone goes back and re-watches your story, then their name will come back to the top of the list. So, when you view the list, the people at the top of the list are the people who most recently watched your story.

As for people you haven’t added back, you’ll see their name at the bottom of the list in a separate list. This list is also ordered based on who recently watched your story. Snapchat doesn’t use an algorithm to show who viewed your story, whereas Instagram uses an algorithm to show who viewed your story which is based on mutual interaction.

Does Snapchat Show Who Viewed Your Story in Order?

Yes, Snapchat shows your story views in order; the names at the top will be the most recent viewers, and the very last names on the list will be the first ones that viewed your story.

Are Snapchat Story Views in Order (yes)

Yes. Snapchat orders your story views in a revere-chronological manner, from most recent to oldest. This means the names at the top will be the ones who most recently viewed your story, and the names at the bottom were the first ones to view it.

What Does the Order of Snapchat Story Viewers Mean (it’s just in chronological order)

The order of your Snapchat story viewers are only sorted reverse-chronologically, meaning your most recent viewers will be at the top of the list, while the ones at the bottom are the first ones who viewed your story. This is all it means, and the order of your Snap story viewers will only change for two reasons, which we answer below;

Why Does My Snapchat Story Viewers Change Order?

1. Someone New Just Watch Your Story

Your Snapchat viewer list will only update when someone views it for the first time. This means that anyone can replay your story; their name will not go back to the top of the list, and there will be no way to tell they’re replaying it.

2. Someone Removed or Blocked Your Account

If someone views your story and then removes you from their friends list, it will move their name from the “My Friends” list, to a list named “Other Snapchatters” under the normal viewers list.

It’s possible for users you don’t have added to view your story if you have it enabled in the settings, but if they were on your friends list and removed you after they viewed your story, the order will change.

In short, there are the only two reasons your Snapchat story view order will change; the most recent viewers will show up at the top the first time they view your story, and if a name is gone from that list, it’ll be in the “Other Snapchatters” list. This usually means someone on your friends list viewed your story before unadding you.

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