How Does Facebook Order your Friends List

Have you ever wondered how Facebook orders your friends list on the website? If you have, and want to know the answer, then this post will help you. Facebook uses several different algorithms and techniques to sort your friends list to show you the most relevant content.

If you login to Facebook and look at the chat option, then you’ll see a bunch of friends in a random order. Even when you go into your Friends list, your closest friends will be shown first, instead of showing friends alphabetically. Read on to find out how Facebook does this.

There are many factors that help Facebook order your friends list the way you like it. We’ve listed down some of them below.

Based on Interactions

Facebook will use its algorithms to track your interactions with friends. For example, if you tag someone in comments, posts, etc, then Facebook will order them higher on your friends list. This also works for likes, comments and tags in photos. If you always like a person’s photos on Facebook, or if someone tags you in their pictures, then those friends will show up first. It will also be triggered when you look at someone’s photos very often.

Based on communication

If you talk to someone a lot, then that person will show up at the top of your friends list. This works for both private and group chats.

Viewing a Profile

If you view someone’s profile a lot, or vice-versa, then that person will show up first on your list. The algorithm will collect this data and then use it to order your friends list, which will make it easier for you to view their profile.


The Facebook search is a useful tool when you want to look up your friends. The algorithm will look at who you search for most often and then add their name to the top of your friends list. This also works for when your friends look up your name in the search box.

Based on mutual friends

Facebook will also look at all the interactions that you have with mutual friends between you and your friend. For example, if you and your friend chat with the same mutual friends, then this would be taken into consideration.

Recently added friends

If you’ve recently added a new friend and had a long chat with them or checked out theirs posts, liked their photos, etc, then that friend will appear somewhere at the top of your friends list. Facebook will look at the most recent activity when a new friend is added.

Active friends

If your friend is very active on Facebook, then there are chances that they will appear higher up on your friends list. This is because Facebook believes that you will spend more time chatting with people who are online, than those who are not.

Friends list order in Chat

The above algorithms and factors are also used to order your friends list in the Chat sidebar. When you open Facebook on your browser, you will notice that the chat is organised randomly. This list shows the friends that you have contacted recently. It will also look at all the other factors mentioned above. If you’ve liked someone’s photos and photos, then they will appear at the top of the chat list. The more interactions, the higher those friends will show up. And that is actually quite useful, as it allows you to quickly have a chat or share something with them.

Changing the order of your Friends list

If you were hoping to change the order of your friends list on Facebook, then we regret to inform you that you can’t really do that. Facebook will do this automatically for you, unless you remove that friend from your list. If you unfriend or block someone, then obviously they will be removed from the friends list and will no longer appear in the chat or search.

Facebook keeps updating its algorithms that orders your friends list. However, you can create your own friends list from the Explore tab. Of course, this won’t affect the friends list in chat and elsewhere, but you can access this list if you want to contact someone quick.

You can also chat more with people who you want to be on top of the friends list. If you interact more by commenting, liking their photos, etc, then over time the list will update itself.

And there you are! That’s the answer to your question ‘how does Facebook order your friends list’. We hope this has helped you out!